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10 Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes When Building a New Home

Building a new home can be an extremely rewarding experience, especially once you’re living in your dream house.

But it can be a messy process, and there are mistakes that can make your journey less enjoyable.

Here, you can learn from the mistakes made by the countless people that have already been there and done that, so you can avoid making the same top 10 mistakes people make when building a new home.

1. Choosing the wrong location

If you haven’t already done so, buying land with the intention to build a home is the first important decision you need to make. When considering whether a lot is suitable, you should consider the locality to everyday amenities such as schools, shops, offices and health care. The quality of the land itself is important, as are the land costs, including grading the lot, building a driveway and connecting sewer, water, electricity and gas lines.

Choose A Location You Love

2. Misunderstanding quotes

Builders’ quotes are provided in a variety of formats, including formats such as square foot pricing, assembly pricing and unit pricing. Depending on the project and builder will determine the pricing structure.

Along with knowing what type of quote you’ve been given, you should get familiar with how the builder accounts for unexpected expenses. Many “pad” their bid as a buffer for this purpose. Builders that don’t include this buffer often have a lower bid, but you may find yourself spending more money should anything go awry during construction.

3. Choosing the wrong builder

Choosing the right builder is critical for a smooth building process. Make sure you research potential builders thoroughly, ask how long they have been in business, and whether they can provide referrals from previous customers. Are they able to work with you to customise your dream home, and do they include a home warranty? Look at previous work, to see whether you find the homes visually appealing and suitable to your style.

Choose The Right Builder

4. Not being clear on your needs

One of the most common design mistakes is short-term planning. If you’re designing a luxury home, you’re likely to live in it for a while. This means that your needs in the future may be different to what they are today. Consider how many bedrooms you need, do you work from home, do you entertain often, will you need extensive storage? It may help to design multi-purpose rooms that can be converted as your needs evolve.

5. Cutting corners to save money

It may be tempting to save money by choosing the cheaper options in your new house. However, this corner-cutting may end up costing you more when you need to replace them in a few years. Choosing good quality materials, as well as reputable builders, will give you peace of mind and the results will show.

6. Spending big on other things while building

It’s best to put the blinders on when it comes to making big purchases while building a house. New cars, big holidays. You may find a bargain, but when it comes to building, unexpected expenses should be expected, and you don’t want to find yourself without your backup budget.

7. Making big changes during construction

The time for making big changes to the design of your custom home is yep, during the design phase. Making changes during construction can be costly. Not just in financial, but also in time. Ordering unforeseen supplies and rescheduling various contractors could set your timeline back weeks, if not months. This may add to the total cost, and your monthly mortgage repayment.

8. Not doing regular inspections

This is one of the biggest financial commitments you are going to make. Overseeing the process of building your home is your responsibility. A warranty is no substitute for proper inspections. For your final inspection, you should choose an unbiased, third party licensed home inspector to go through your house with a fine tooth comb before you move in.

9. Not allowing for delays and unexpected complications

Delays and complications are inevitable when building a house. Being aware of their likely appearance, and allowing buffering in your timeline for poor weather or red tape delays, will instead allow you to be pleasantly surprised if things do go smoothly.

10. Not considering resale value

You may be planning to live in your newly built home for many years, and you may very well do so. However, it’s wise to consider the home’s resale value from the beginning. From choosing the land, to designing the floor plan, you should factor in whether your chosen features will still appeal to you, and to potential buyers, in five or ten years.

Consider Resale Value As You Build

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