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The 11 Best Tech Upgrades For Your Home

If you’re planning to renovate or build a new home, it’s a good idea to factor in some tech-savvy upgrades at the same time.

Whether your goal is to save time, reduce clutter or go green, there are plenty of tech innovations that will make your life easier and increase the value of your home.

Here’s 11 of our favourites.

1. Go wireless

Where we once “wired up” our homes for technology, wireless technology now allows us to make use of the latest tech with ease. In the living room, attach a smart TV device such as the Apple TV or Google Chromecast, to your TV’s HDMI port and your TV becomes visible to your wifi network and enable you to view content wirelessly

Improve an existing audiophile speaker setup by swapping out the amplifier for one with built-in bluetooth and wifi. You can then link your speakers to multiple smartphones, so everyone at the party can contribute to the playlist by adding tunes to the queue.

If you want to avoid bulky speakers altogether, portable handheld bluetooth speakers can be moved from room to room (or outside to the alfresco) – and some are even waterproof, so you can listen safely by the pool.

2. Invisible charging

Removing even more cabling, you can now charge your phone, smartwatch and other devices with a charging pad. Depending on the design you choose, some don’t even look like an electronic gadget. Some furniture, such as desk lamps, are appearing on the market with built-in charging pads on the base, invisibly charging your phone!

11 Best Tech Upgrades - Home Office

3. Touchless taps

You may have seen them in commercial bathrooms, but you can now have touchless taps in your own home. Avoid the spread of germs and save water with a sensor-embedded faucet in your kitchen. You can also set the water temperature electronically to get the perfect temperature for the task at hand.

4. Under-cabinet LED lighting

Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen can brighten the bench top while you prep dinner, and also provides a softer nighttime lighting for those midnight snack sojourns.

5. Remote-control lights

It’s now easy to install lighting automation in your next home renovation. These systems work with your existing light fittings, lamps and sockets by building the tech into the bulb.

You can change the colour and brightness of each of your lights around the home from your phone. Set a timer to have your lights automatically turn on to greet you for your arrival home each evening.

You can also install a master light switch, which allows you to control the lighting throughout your home using a single interactive display.

11 Best Tech Upgrades - Lighting

6. Smart heating

Forget programmable thermostats – there is now a thermostat which has a motion detector that determines when no one is home, and automatically turns off the heating or cooling. Over time, it learns your schedule and can be set to turn on the heating before you get home.

7. Energy monitoring

With these new technologies, you’ll want to monitor your household’s energy consumption to ensure that it remains efficient. Home energy monitors track the usage of different electrical, lighting and HVAC systems in your home, allowing you to view usage over the day or week and make adjustments, such as fine tuning the temperature to match the times you are actually home.

11 Best Tech Upgrades - Appliances

8. Smart door locks

These touchscreen deadbolt locks can be installed easily into an existing door. Like your phone, you can unlock (and lock) your home by entering a code.

Want to only allow the cleaner to access your home on Wednesdays between 9am and midday? You can give them a unique code which only works during those hours.

And of course, the smart lock connects wirelessly to your security and other home automation systems.

9. Home security system

Modern home security systems can stream video to your phone, wherever you are, and alert you of any suspicious noise or movement detected.

10. Garage door opener

So we’ve had remote-controlled garage doors for some time. But now you can view whether your garage door is open or closed, on your phone from anywhere in the world – and you can open or close it from afar, too.

11. Smart home hub

You may have heard of Google Home, Apple’s HomePod or Amazon’s Alexa – but what are they? These smart home hubs (and many others) are new artificially intelligent devices that pull all of your smart home devices together, through voice command and an app.

Depending on which product you choose, you can set an alarm, play music, ask the weather, start a TV show and turn off the lights when you go to bed.

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