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11 Myths About Building New Homes Exposed

Building your custom home doesn’t have to be as complicated or as challenging as some might claim.

Here are 11 common myths surrounding the process of building a new house that you can stop believing right now.

1. You have to have an endless budget to build a house

Working with a custom home builder means that you can customise your budget. You aren’t limited to a set floor plan or materials, so you can build a home to meet your budget.

2. New homes are more expensive than existing homes

Existing homes come with existing appliances, and the structure itself may need improvements to make it look beautiful again.

When designing a new house, you can trade out unnecessary additions to include the things you really want. Why not remove the wine cellar and add the walk-in robe of your dreams?

3. It’s more environmentally sustainable to buy an existing home

New Home Building Myths - Sustainable

As technology advances, new appliances are made to run more environmentally friendly. Further, new homes are being built with recycled materials and up-to-date power options.

Older homes have less efficient insulation and air-sealing methods, which leads to a house that doesn’t stay warm in winter and cool in summer, meaning that the air con is likely to be running year-round.

4. It’s cheaper to renovate an existing house

Perhaps surprisingly, remodelling costs double the amount per square metre as building new, on average, so building a new home can actually be the cheaper option.

5. Your new home won’t be what you wanted

New Home Building Myths - Best Features

Though some builders are limited in choice of floor plans and features, working with a custom home builder means that you can create the perfect home for your needs.

Whether your preferences sway towards contemporary or traditional, the features you want can be worked into the design of your new house.

6. Custom home builders will only recommend the most expensive options

Although some people believe that a custom home builder will always recommend the more expensive features and upgrades, in practice this is simply not true.

The entire purpose of engaging a custom home builder is to create the home that’s right for you, and many times that will result in your builder suggesting that you leave out or adapt certain elements in your new home design, in order to achieve your building goals wile remaining within your budget.

Don’t want a pool? Don’t include one. Don’t drink a lot of wine? Leave out the wine cellar. Don’t have kids? Turn the rumpus room into a home office instead.

The beauty of engaging a custom home builder with a reputation for outstanding customer service is the freedom and flexibility to bring your ideal vision to life.

7. Your house will look exactly the same as everyone else’s

New Home Building Myths - Unique Design

This is most definitely not true with a custom home design!

You might choose an existing floor plan as your base, but with the help of your home builder, you can customise the layout to meet your needs and wants, with the materials that suit your preferences.

8. Building a custom home will take too long

If you work with a reputable builder and have great and open communication with them from the start, you can expect your custom home to be built in about twelve months – though larger homes with complex design features can take a little longer.

9. Building a new home is very stressful

Again, it comes down to the home builders you work with. Experienced, professional builders will help make the process an easy one and will walk you through every step.

10. You’ll have to build in the middle of nowhere

Working with a custom home builder means that you don’t have to build in a new development. They can design a new home to fit the land you own in any area.

11. All builders are the same

Research, research, research. Seek out the reviews of the builders you are considering, and take note of the positive and negative comments.

Meet with the builders and see if you have a rapport, and are able to communicate easily with them. Having a good working relationship with your builders will make all the difference to your home-building process.

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