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12 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Home Storage Space

Why is it we never seem to have enough space? We’ve all visited those pristine display homes where everything is neatly hidden away, but it seems so much harder in our own homes.

Now you can achieve it, with these 12 simple ways to maximise your storage space – and make your house feel like a new home!

1. Adjust your shelf heights

Our home designs can and should be customised to suit our needs – so why keep your shelf heights the way they were originally installed?

By adjusting your shelf heights to suit your own needs, you can easily make room for additional shelving.

The maximum height you need between each shelf is about 5cm more than the tallest object you’re storing on the shelf, to allow room for sliding it out.

2. Add spinning shelves

Spinning shelves are a great way of saving cupboard space and avoiding waste.

Often the items at the back of your cupboard don’t get used because you can’t see them. They’re left to go past their expiry dates while you buy replacements you don’t need.

A spinning shelf pulls out and spins round so you can easily see every item in your cupboards. Whether you choose one or several tiers, they’re ideal for preventing waste of both food and space.

3. Turn shelves into cubbies

12 Ways To Make the Most of Storage Space - Cubbies

Shelves can easily be turned into cubbies by adding bins or dividers.

These are usually made of wood, metal or plexiglass, and they’re an innovative and attractive way of keeping items organised on your shelves.

Bins or dividers can easily be retrofitted into your existing furniture by someone with home renovating experience.

4. Put storage under the stairs

12 Ways To Make the Most of Storage Space - Under Stairs

The space under your stairs is valuable and shouldn’t go to waste. Many modern homes now feature innovative storage solutions under the stairs.

As this space varies in height, it’s ideal for housing a variety of shelves, drawers and even a cupboard or two.

5. Add hooks everywhere


12 Ways To Make the Most of Storage Space - Hooks

Hooks can go just about anywhere – inside your closet for storing scarves or ties, on the back of your bedroom door for robes, or in the garage to store your sports equipment.

You can even add hooks in the kitchen, as they offer an attractive way of displaying pots, pans and utensils, while keeping them within easy reach.

6. Design your closet around your clothes

12 Ways To Make the Most of Storage Space - Clothing

If you had the chance to design your own home, you’d ensure it met your needs as much as possible. So why not start with your closet?

Look at the clothes you own and work out the best way to maximise your closet space based on the items you have the most of.

If you own mostly casual clothes that are folded rather than hung, you should add more shelving.

If most of your clothes are smart, prioritise more hanging space. Floor space is essential if you own a lot of shoes.

This simple trick can save you a surprising amount of closet space.

7. Go up with your beds

Your bed is a large item that takes up a lot of floor space. You could use this space creatively by installing a loft bed.

Innovative and attractive, loft beds enable you to sleep near the ceiling, leaving a vast amount of space underneath for a desk, seating area, dresser or other storage solutions.

8. Hide drawers in your furniture

Many large furniture items are ideal for containing concealed drawers, enabling you to maximise the space in several rooms.

In the kitchen, drawers can easily be installed within your kitchen island or at floor level in your kickboards.

Platform beds free up space in your bedroom. Often they contain drawers so they negate the need for a dresser.

Or, for additional storage in your living room, choose a coffee table with drawers or substitute it altogether with an ottoman.

9. Use tubs in your cupboards

Plastic tub or cane baskets are a simple and effective way of organising your cupboard space.

They help you to group together items that are used for similar purposes, or store those bits and pieces that don’t have a natural home anywhere else.

They’re a great solution for ensuring you don’t have to sort through mountains of clutter to find the thing you’re looking for.

10. Reach for the ceiling

The area above your cabinets or tall items of furniture is ideal for storing items you don’t use very often.

These can neatly be housed in small containers on top of your closet, kitchen cabinets or refrigerator.

Make sure you have a step ladder handy so you can reach these items whenever you need them – and never store anything heavy in a high place, due to the risk of injury.

11. Label everything

Storing items in tubs and containers makes sense. It keeps you organised and looks tidy. But it’s important to label each container, listing every item that’s in there.

This way, whenever you or anyone else in the family is looking for something, there won’t be any trouble finding it.

12. Get rid of stuff

This may sound obvious but the key to maintaining a pristine living space is simply not to hoard things you don’t need.

Decluttering regularly is essential for keeping your home fresh and maximising your storage space.

Take it room by room to make it manageable. Anything you don’t use can be donated to charity or recycled.

This will not only keep your home looking good, it will make you feel good, too!

For even more ideas on how to create your perfect home, download our Lubelso Luxury Home Design brochure and explore the possibilities.


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