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15 Signs You’re Outgrowing Your Home

In the beginning, your home was the perfect space and you were ecstatic to call it your own. You planned to live there forever!

But things are different now. Babies came along, careers changed – and your home is feeling more cubby-house than castle.

If you find yourself nodding along to these signs you’ve outgrown your home, you may be ready to move to a new home.

1. You have more bedrooms than kids

Your home may have been ideal for a small family, but now you have more kids than bedrooms, and you’re tripping over toys and sports equipment strewn around the house.

2. You keep stubbing your toes

Do you have shoes and furniture lining the hallway, causing trips and bumps and stubs? That hallway used to be wider, you recall.

3. That darn clotheshorse is always in the way

No matter where you assemble it, when the clotheshorse is up, there’s no getting around it. In the way of the TV or blocking access to the laundry, it’s a regular reminder that there’s not enough space.

Clothes In The Way?

4. Bathroom time is getting tense

A single bathroom was fine when it was just the two of you, but now you have a child that needs the toilet, a husband needing to shave and a wife who just wants to shower in peace. It’s the pits.

5. You’re storing stuff in unusual places

Has your staircase become an unusual bookcase? Your car, a closet on wheels? Being tight on storage space can force you to become creative, but it becomes tiresome not having a proper place for everything.

6. You can’t have friends and family over

Now that the kids are a little older, you’d love to start entertaining again… or you would, but there’s just not enough space.

7. Your kids want to move back in

If your previously independent kids want to move back home, you may have to rethink the art studio-slash-study you replaced their bedroom with.

8. You need to take care of your parents

If finding space for your adult children sounded hard, imagine trying to accommodate your parents as well.

Not only do you need to fit their furniture, equipment and belongings, but you also need to leave plenty of personal space for everyone’s “unique” way of doing things.

9. You’re sick of the long commute

You’ve landed your dream job! But the longer commute is the opposite. It might be time to relocate and improve your work-life balance.

10. You don’t like your neighbours anymore

You go out to collect the mail, and realise that you don’t recognise the woman across the road any more. Or, while the loud parties from your neighbour over the back fence used to be fine when you were childless, it’s now a headache you would rather do without.

11. You’re not spending any time at home

Have you found yourself driving farther afield to spend time with friends and dine out? Maybe your heart is no longer in your neighbourhood and you’ve realised you’d prefer a sea change of sorts.

12. You don’t find the quirks cute any longer

The door handle that needs to be turned just so, or the way the third step creaks every single time. These quirks used to be charming, but now they drive you batty.

13. You have too many empty bedrooms

You know the term, empty nester. Does your house suddenly feel too big? The extra space is nice, but the extra cleaning is certainly not.

14. You’re spending hours on Pinterest looking at other houses

Trawling Pinterest and creating boards of your favourite dream homes, features and gardens, is a sure sign you’re ready for something new.

15. You find yourself constantly daydreaming about your dream home

Is your current home a love lost? Embrace the memories made in your current home, and make your daydreams a reality.

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