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17 Essential Design Tips for Your Bathroom

A bright, spacious, functional bathroom is an essential part of any modern home design.

If you’re designing or renovating your dream bathroom, here are 17 top tips for creating the luxurious, workable space you’ve always wanted.

1. Know your budget

Before you begin creating home designs or working on renovation projects, it’s important to know exactly what everything’s going to cost. Work out what you can afford – and stick to it.

Having every item priced from the start will save you from going over budget later on. It will also prevent the temptation of buying items you don’t really need, helping you to create a cleaner and more spacious design.

2. Get familiar with standard bathroom dimensions

You’ll be able to plan the layout of your bathroom more effectively if you know how much space each item is going to need.

Did you know, for example, that bathtubs and toilets come in standard sizes? Or that counter tops typically stand approximately 84cm off the floor?

Knowing a few standard measurements will help you to come up with an efficient bathroom design, and save you time when it comes to construction.

3. Don’t make the toilet the first thing you see

Sometimes your bathroom door may get left open. Imagine how your visitors will feel if the toilet is the sight that greets them every time they walk past!

Plan your design so any other feature than the toilet is the focal point of the room. Take a look at some display homes if you need inspiration for your layout.

4. Plan your lighting well

Essential Bathroom Design Tips - Good Lighting Hawthorn

The right lighting is an essential element of all good house designs. It creates ambience and can make smaller rooms look larger.

Wall lights that uplight the ceiling will give the impression of more height. For a great space-saving way of including natural light in your bathroom, install a skylight above the shower. This will free up your walls for storage and let you feel closer to nature as you shower.

5. Limit yourself to two colours

Most luxury homes feature minimalist colour schemes. Limiting yourself to just one or two colours of paint or tiles will make your bathroom look larger and less cluttered, as well as more chic and stylish.

6. Use texture to create interest

Different textures are a great alternative to colours for adding interest. Tactile tiles, a statement mirror or a three-dimension piece of art can add a whole new element to a bathroom without making it look cluttered.

7. Consider a corner sink

If your bathroom is small, a corner sink can be a great way of saving space. It will also add interest to the design and create a unique feel.

8. Choose a vanity that suits the space

A vanity can be handy for storage, but it shouldn’t intrude too much into the space in your bathroom. Smaller is often better, especially in bathrooms where space is at a premium.

It’s also important that your vanity matches the overall look of your bathroom, complementing your other fixtures and your colour scheme. Otherwise your room will appear too cluttered.

9. Make the shower niche into a feature

You don’t have to make do with an off-the-shelf shower niche – these can often look bland. Instead, your shower niche can become a design highlight of your bathroom. Try recessing it into the wall and using some contrasting tiling to make it provide real interest.

10. Use full-length glass shower screens

Clear glass shower screens complement any décor scheme. They are unfussy and will make your bathroom appear less cluttered in comparison to a shower curtain. Choose full-length, sliding screens rather than those which open outwards to maximise usable space.

11. Take the tiles to the ceiling

Some people choose to tile their walls halfway up and complete the rest of the look with paint, While this can look effective, it does have the downside of making the room appear smaller as it creates a dividing line halfway up each wall.

Tiling all the way up to the ceiling is a simple way of making your bathroom look larger, and it creates a clean, seamless appearance.

12. Recess your medicine cabinet into the wall

Anything that sticks out from the walls is taking up precious space in your bathroom. Recessing your medicine cabinet into the wall is a great way of creating additional storage space without eating into the square footage of your room.

Choose a cabinet with a mirrored door and install it a few inches into the wall. With the door closed, it will look like a normal mirror – nobody will know it’s a cabinet until it’s opened!

13. Maximise storage and minimise clutter

Essential Bathroom Design Tips - Minimise Clutter Gippsland

Keep your lines clean and materials matching to create a tidy, minimalist look. Avoid wasting space – cupboards can be installed underneath counter tops to make the most of the available storage. The more storage solutions you can recess into the walls, the better.

Hooks and pouches attached to the back of the door are ideal for hanging towels and robes, or storing small items such as make-up.

14. Include a few upgrades

While your bathroom needs to be all about practicality, it should also be a luxurious space where you can relax and unwind. It’s important to reflect this by installing a few special features purely for comfort.

Heated towel rails or underfloor heating can make all the difference to the ambience of your bathroom, creating a cosy feel. They’ll help it to dry out more quickly, too!

15. Make it accessible

Everyone who visits your home will have to visit the bathroom at some point. It’s important to take this into account in your design.

You may not have children, but your friends might bring theirs to visit. It’s also likely that your social circle includes people with different levels of physical ability.

A well-functioning, welcoming bathroom will be accessible and comfortable for all who need to use it. This will also add resale value to your home.

16. Keep it well-ventilated

If you want to preserve the condition of your bathroom (and the rest of your home), it’s important to keep it well-ventilated to protect it from damp and mildew. In every case, your bathroom should have an efficient fan that vents to outside. Ideally, it should also have at least one opening window.

17. Splurge on high-end materials

Essential Bathroom Design Tips - Quality Materials Kew

Planning your budget carefully means that you may have a little left over for luxury items. One or two expensive elements can make all the difference to the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Consider choosing a higher quality flooring material such as real stone, or top-of-the-range tiles and tapware. These finishing touches are bound to put a smile on your face as you sink into the tub!

For even more inspiration for your new home design, download our Lubelso Luxury Home Design brochure and see the possibilities.


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