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19 Popular Interior Design Styles Explained

Looking to decorate your home in a way that truly represents your personal style?

Here we explain 19 popular interior design styles – so whether you’re looking for something modern or more traditional, or you prefer to take your inspiration from around the globe, you can find the perfect luxury home decorating scheme for you.

1. Modern

Modern décor is all about functionality and creating space. Emerging in the 20th Century, this style is characterised by clean lines and a minimal colour palette.

The space is made to work as efficiently as possible, with simple furniture designs and a place for everything – no fussy styles or clutter.

This style is often seen to best effect in open-plan apartments.

2. Contemporary

19 Popular Design Styles Explained - Contemporary

Constantly evolving, contemporary design is all about what’s happening now. While many elements cross over with modern home designs, in a brand new home you are more likely to see softer, curved lines, as opposed to the geometric precision of the modern style.

Colour palettes are muted – cream, brown and white feature prominently, often with different shades of the same colour used to create contrast. Natural materials and textiles provide the texture.

3. Industrial

The industrial style is inspired by old warehouses and factories, which are sometimes converted for loft-apartment living. Bare brick walls and exposed pipes are regular features, accessorised with metal and concrete.

The colours in an industrial design scheme are usually provided by the natural materials in the room. Bright colours are a no-go, unless provided by a tasteful piece of abstract art.

4. Minimalist

19 Popular Design Styles Explained - Minimalist

Minimalist design is about getting back to basics. Taking its inspiration from Japanese home designs, it takes out everything that is unnecessary in a room and lets the empty spaces make a statement.

Simple furniture with clean lines is a must for creating this style, with black and white décor providing the essential stark effect. Primary colours can be used very sparingly if you want a contrast.

5. Transitional

Transitional styling brings together the old and the new in a fusion of contemporary and traditional design. A period sofa may be upholstered in a contemporary fabric, and the clean lines of modern furniture are softened with textiles, including cushions and rugs.

A warm, natural colour palette creates this look – cream, beige and khaki are regularly seen in transitional rooms. Fabric often features subtle patterns.

6. Mid-Century

As its name suggests, mid-century styling is inspired by the home designs of the 1950s and 60s. Ideal for fans of the retro look, it enables you to blend minimalist lines with kooky curves – think of the famous egg-shaped chair!

Materials can be mixed to create this style – wood features alongside aluminium and even plastic. It’s also not uncommon here to find splashes of bright colour amidst the brown and white.

7. Art Deco

Glamorous and decadent, art deco is typified by the hedonistic jazz era of the 1920s. It’s all about creating the ultimate luxury home, with high-gloss finishes, ornate mirrors and plenty of silver and gold.

Materials are sumptuous and shiny, such as satin and velvet. Black and white colour schemes are accessorised with pastel hues such as pink and turquoise – or for an extra touch of opulence, try a splash of rich red or purple.

8. Traditional

Traditional styling is all about the detail, featuring dark wood furniture and as many fabrics as possible. Curtains are sumptuous and often multi-layered, and rugs and cushions are plentiful, combining a variety of colours and textures.

Accessorise as heavily as you can! Think vases, candle holders and mirrors, on just about every available surface.

9. Vintage

There are no hard-and-fast rules to creating a vintage style, except that you have to draw your inspiration from the past. Vintage furniture is an ideal way to add a personal touch to a contemporary interior – chairs, cabinets and storage units can all be used to add design interest to a room.

This is a charming look, but don’t overdo it. Keep your colour palette simple and clear away the clutter so the vintage touches can speak for themselves.

10. Regency

The height of 18th Century fashion, the regency style combines opulence with a bold Oriental colour palette. Highly-patterned wallpaper sets the tone, surrounding sumptuous fabrics in bright colours for the look and feel of a stately English home. Accessorise with chandeliers, table lamps and vases.

11. Scandinavian

Simplicity and functionality are the cornerstones of Scandinavian design. It’s all about creating a relaxing environment with clean lines and plenty of light and space.

White is almost always the base colour in Scandinavian interior schemes. Colour and interest are provided by light wood furniture, bold patterned rugs and bright lampshades.

12. French Country

The French Country look provides the comfort and charm of a European farmhouse. Worn wooden furniture is dressed up with heavy, warm fabrics in shades of red and yellow, with gold hues also featuring prominently. The backdrop is often natural stone or brick.

Plenty of cushions and displays of ornate cookware complete the look.

French provincial

13. Spanish

Spanish décor is all about colour. Reds, blues, yellows and rich terracotta provide the warm and vibrant feel of a Mediterranean villa. Wrought iron features heavily in Spanish schemes, as do ornamental tiles.

Dark wood furniture is ideal for creating this look, accessorised with some bright and heavily textured cushions.

14. Asian

19 Popular Design Styles Explained - Asian

Balance and harmony are key when creating an Asian-inspired room. It’s essential that the space should flow seamlessly without clutter, so furniture should be placed unobtrusively.

White or neutral backgrounds are ideal for creating a tranquil feel, although these can be brought to life with bright touches and some hand-carved accessories.

15. Bohemian

A bohemian style really allows you to design your own home your way. It’s all about expressing yourself in a carefree fashion, with an eclectic mixture of elements, combining to create a truly individual look.

Comfort is a large factor – scatter cushions and handwoven rugs are essential floor accessories, and plants offer a natural touch. You can feel free to add an opulent chandelier if you choose and as many bright colours as you want. Ethnic patterns and rich textures are ideal for creating a welcoming and relaxed vibe.

16. Rustic

Charming and cosy, the rustic look evokes the essence of the period farmhouse. Natural elements feature heavily, including repurposed wooden furniture and exposed beams against a white or neutral background.

Simple white linens work best in a rustic scheme, with subtle metal accessories, preferably antique.

17. Shabby Chic

There is a definite art to creating the shabby chic style. Vintage elements such as distressed furniture and antique accessories are the foundation of the look, which is soft and feminine. White and pastel shades are the only colours you need here, and ideally paint should have an antique finish.

For a touch of opulence, add an ornate light fitting or wall hanging to complete the look.

18. Coastal

Bring the essence of Byron Bay into your home with a coastal style. Inspired by beach living and nautical themes, this relaxed décor style incorporates white and cream hues accessorised with blues and greens.

Wooden furniture is a key element of this look, with blue and white striped textiles adding a fresh and breezy touch.

19. Island

Bright and airy spaces embody the island style. A white backdrop is brought to life by rich dark wood furniture and window blinds, with cushions and floor rugs in beige and brown.

An essential finishing touch is added by indoor palm plants, bringing a touch of the natural environment into the space.

For even more inspiration for your modern home design, download our Lubelso Luxury Home Design brochure and explore the possibilities.


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