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19 Simple Ideas For Upgrading Your Home

If your home is feeling tired or dated, you may be considering a renovation or even building a new home.

While you decide what to do next, why not try your hand at these 19 simple ideas for upgrading your home?

Give your home a fresh face

Simple Tips to Upgrade Your Home - Spruce Up The Front

  1. Paint your front door. The front of your house is the first thing your visitors (and potential buyers) will see. Painting your door in a statement colour is a great way to make a memorable first impression.
  1. Add plants to your entrance. Choosing stylish pots and low maintenance plants to adorn your entrance will make it vastly more inviting.
  1. Makeover your front yard. Landscaping your front yard can make a great first impression and potentially also increase your home’s resale value. 


Clean up the kitchen

Simple Tips to Upgrade Your Home - Clean Up The Kitchen

  1. Brighten your kitchen with a coat of paint. You can update the look of your kitchen by sanding and painting your kitchen cabinets – a much cheaper renovation than replacing the doors. 
  1. Install a dishwasher. Did you know that washing dishes by hand uses 40 percent more water than with a water efficient dishwasher? Switching out an older model for a new appliance can also save you both water and electricity usage. 
  1. Update your kitchen cupboard handles. Swap out your dated cabinet handles with a contemporary option and your kitchen will look entirely different. 
  1. Install a water filter. Save on buying disposable water bottles (both your hip pocket and the environment), and install a water filter with an under-silk water filtration system. 
  1. Add a new backsplash. It doesn’t need to be a tricky tile one, either. Installing a single sheet of stone or beadboard is a relatively easy project to undertake and will make splatter cleanup easier, too.


Brighten your bathroom 

  1. Redo the silicone in your bathroom. This is a cheap and easy exercise to complete, and will have a dramatic impact on your bathroom. 
  1. Give your bath a different look. If your bath is looking dated, you can repaint it for an easy improvement. 
  1. Upgrade your tapware. You can paint your existing tapware, but why not take this opportunity to upgrade the tapware both in the bathroom(s) and throughout the house for a luxurious feel.


Give your whole house that new home feeling 

Simple Tips to Upgrade Your Home - Outdoor Living

  1. Brush a new coat of paint on the walls. You can change the whole feel of a room with a fresh colour on the walls. Keep in mind that a neutral clean palette is preferential for most buyers. 
  1. Install wall moulding and cornices. This will add charm and value to a home. 
  1. Create fresh floorboards with paint. If relaying the flooring isn’t within your budget, you can update your floorboards by staining or painting them.
  1. Upgrade your bed. Having a bed that you look forward to retiring to at the end of the day will make your bedroom all the more restful. At minimum, refresh the bedding with all white for a hotel feel, but why not upgrade the frame, too. 
  1. Replace your light fittings. Light fittings can make a space feel more luxurious – and can also do the opposite. If your light fittings look tired or ill-proportioned, replace them and see the room transform. 
  1. Install a bookshelf under the stairs. Visible storage adds value to a home. Make use of the space under the shares with a built-in bookshelf. 
  1. Add an outdoor living area. By adding an outdoor table and chairs, or weatherproof lounges, you are creating a whole new space to relax and enjoy in your existing home. 
  1. Upgrade your light switches and powerpoints. You can spend as little or as much as you want to, to replace the light switches and powerpoints in your home. Either way, they will look clean and fresh.


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