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7 Reasons You Need a Walk-In Robe In Your Life

While you’re designing your own home, consider including one of the most luxurious features that any home can have – a walk-in robe.

Here are seven reasons why having a walk-in robe is one of the best design decisions you’ll make.

1. They’re incredibly practical

This is the number one reason for choosing a walk-in robe. They are very functional – allowing you to see all of your clothes, shoes and accessories at a glance. Walk-ins often have more open floor space, so you may be able to incorporate a makeup or dressing area, fitted with full-length mirrors and ambient lighting.

2. They’re good for your clothes

Why You Need a Walk-In Robe - Good For Clothes

Being open, walk-in robes allow for good ventilation around your clothes. This is especially important in master suites with an ensuite. The moisture from wet areas can get trapped behind the doors of a built-in (or traditional) wardrobe, leading to mildew and mould.

Fortunately, even if your walk-in robe leads to your ensuite, moisture will be able to flow through the room and dissipate.

Your clothes are also less likely to be crushed, leading to less ironing – better for your clothes and your time!

3. They can be cheaper than a regular wardrobe

You might be surprised to learn that it can actually be cheaper to choose a walk-in wardrobe when designing your master bedroom. This is because built-in wardrobes require doors, which are expensive when you consider the handles, hinges, mirrors and finishes.

As walk-in robes can be built into unused existing spaces in your home, they may also require less structural work to install them than a regular wardrobe.

4. They can make good use of odd spaces

Why You Need a Walk-In Robe - Odd Spaces

Where a built-in wardrobe needs to be rectangular to accommodate sliding doors, a walk-in robe can make use of any odd space, including L-shaped nooks or under the stairs. You can then design the layout to suit the capacity.

With a walk-in robe, you also save floor space when compared to a built-in wardrobe that has outward-opening doors.

5. They can be custom-designed to suit you perfectly

Once the space for your walk-in robe has been chosen, you can design it completely to suit your preferences.

This could be rows of shoe racks or jewellery display cases, a dressing table and chair, or plenty of hanging space. They are made-to-measure to fit your space exactly and to suit your storage requirements.

6. They can be very private spaces

Why You Need a Walk-In Robe - Private Space

Your walk-in robe is a room within a room, and can be customised to be a very personal space for you to dress and create your best look, allowing you to relax and prepare in privacy.

7. They make your house feel luxurious

By including a walk-in robe to your master bedroom, you add value to the house.

More coveted than built-in wardrobes, a walk-in robe is more inviting, feels spacious and luxurious, and makes getting dressed a pleasure. Particularly in new homes, having a walk-in robe is on par with having an ensuite in the master suite.

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