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8 Things ‘The Block’ Taught Us About Home Renovations

The Block follows couples renovating homes before they auction them to see who wins by getting the highest profit. This hit show lays out the highs and the lows of designing your own home.

Behind the glitz and the glamour of the final finished project, there are plenty of tough decisions to make and plans to create and home renovation can be a tough market.

Here’s 8 lessons about renovating we’ve learned from The Block that will help you to get the most out of your home renovation journey.

1. The real work happens behind the scenes

The Block finale shows off the glamour of properties sold for profits of up to a half million dollars. However, this doesn’t show the significant amount of work that goes into renovating a property. It is vital that you allow yourself more time and money than you initially think it will take to get everything done.

2. Planning, co-ordination and communication are critical to success

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Some things won’t go as you like but with contingency plans and some room to move, this won’t derail your project.

Communicate with everyone, from your architects to the plumber, as much and as clearly as possible. If you decide to make significant changes to the plan, involve all the key players as you need to be aware of the knock-on effects. Effective dialogue is the key to the success of any home building project.

3. Keep your neighbours onside

The beginning of successful relationships starts with dialogue, and the end of many results from a breakdown in communication. Your neighbours are a crucial part of this.

If they’re happy, you can guarantee a much smoother project overhaul. They are also likely to be much more flexible when you need their help or understanding in the future.

4. Stick with simple & timeless

Don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel. Overcomplicating things will bring a number of unwanted difficulties down the line. The simpler than objective, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Capitalising on the existing strengths of the home, such as natural features or floor plans, is vital in minimising the additional renovation work needed. David Wood, the auctioneer during the latest season of The Block’s winning property, spoke about the importance of the timber floors and the open floor plan in making the winners, Josh and Elyse, the most profitable home.

Renovation Lessons From The Block Finishes

What you might like now will change over time, and will definitely not be the same as other people. It’s best to stick with features that are not polarising. When you come to selling it, properties that follow fads or passing trends will date quickly and may prove difficult to find many buyers.

5. Don’t leave projects half-done

We’re all told from a very young age to finish what we start. Completing any project as you go and to the highest standard which will ensure that you can move on swiftly without delays to the next project.

And make sure to celebrate each completed project as it happens, and take time to analyse what you did well and what you have learned.

6. Make sure you don’t spend more than you can make

‘Spend vs return’ is the equation that should guide every decision; resale value is your main priority.

Even with luxury homes, with the right decisions, you can add just as much value to your property as you put in.

Track your budget closely to ensure that you never let it spiral, and build some flexibility into your home design budget to account for unexpected problems.

Renovation Lessons From The Block Outdoors

7. Having the right mindset is everything

Stress is unavoidable so embrace it and know that this pressure will keep you on your toes. Renovating is not always an easy process and unexpected issues will always arise.

Remember the final goal of any project and try to view challenging situations as opportunities to learn.

8. Hire the right people for the job

Make sure you hire experts that have the specialist skills that you need. If you try to save money by employing an unprofessional outfit you will almost certainly pay for it later.

Custom home builders with a proven high quality performance can be the key to your success with your home renovation.

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