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5 Benefits of Building a Pool House

Pool houses are so much more than just a place to store your goggles, togs and towels. With the ingenuity of architects and advancements in technology, a pool house can now be a separate, but seamless extension that suits the needs of any household.


Pool houses can double as a completely separate guesthouse, kids’ playroom, parent’s private retreat, home gym or office. These multi-use space can even been turned into an outdoor kitchen complete with food prep, storage and serving areas as well as amenities, allowing you to cater for large groups with ease.

“The beauty of a pool house is that it can be adapted to suit a family’s individual needs.” – Michael Stelluto, Head Architect – CA Architecture

Stops the Drips

Guests no longer have a reason to drip pool water through your home in search of a bathroom or cold drink. By having a toilet and shower close by means any mess created by guests will always be localised and far easier to clean.


Clever storage solutions allow homeowners to have a tidy pool, garden and entertainment area when accessories are not in use.


Pool safety should always be top of the agenda when constructing a pool, having a room close by allows for storage of first aid necessities.


By constructing a guest house separate to the hub of the home, guests don’t have any need to walk through the main part of the home which would come in handy when the opportunity for a spur of the moment bbq comes up.

To view pool houses built to compliment some of the pools designed and constructed by Integrated Pools, view our pools gallery.


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