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The benefits of a Canny Home

Contemporary home designs for the 21st-century family

Canny architectural house designs adapt to the specific needs of our clients. Our dedicated architects and builders are changing the way your dream home becomes reality. Canny Homes can be adapted to the way our clients live, innovative layouts pack practicality and functionality into every turn. The benefits of Canny homes are vast as true comfort thrives within options suited to fit any preference or taste. Potential buyers are welcome to see all that Canny Homes offer. Meet a team of professionals well-versed in the finer points of luxury residential construction. Now is the time to explore how the Canny team can create the home of your dreams.

Lubelso Brighton Contemporary MK2

Concept Home Builders

Dream homes are on the horizon as the next generation of architectural conceptualization hits the market. It is a large step to break ground to any new home. Understanding a house before construction relieves the anxiousness behind such a critical turning point in one’s life. Endless opportunities exist as builders think outside the norm to bring world class designs into fruition. Comfort is not far when given the opportunity to mould pre-designed homes to fit your specific vision. Adaptability is firsthand inside one of Canny’s modern display homes in Melbourne. Avoiding the unknowns associated with building your own home is easy with Canny as what you see is what you get when visiting one of our display homes. Explore the factors that set these architectural house designs apart from all the rest. A diverse skill set is at the disposal of new owners as Canny uses the very best in every trade. Examples of available options are within the doors of luxury display homes in Melbourne. The best skills, materials and finishing techniques are on view through a diverse portfolio of designs. Established home plans are waiting to be moulded into unique constructions free from the time as budget constraints of starting from scratch. Optional basements, speciality rooms, and features galore, each masterpiece exhibits the finest in living spaces. Examining every nook and cranny our display homes, future clients can ensure the design meets every one of their requirements.

Custom home Designs for 2017

While we are busy building your specific concept from the ground up, a personalised team of experts stands by your side.  From designing a client’s new home to suit their block to Savvy interior designers, each room is perfected, increasing how living spaces are used and enjoyed. As the process evolves, partnering interior stylists and suppliers help you make the most difficult of decisions. Members of the family and guests will awe at the level of refinement each space presents.
Building a luxury home takes more than aesthetics. Thankfully, functionality blends pleasantly into the surroundings of each Canny creation. Eloquent cabinetry, closets, and storage rooms relieve all the clutter that can accumulate day to day. Top quality high-end appliance eases the burdens of daily life throughout the week. Integrated seamlessly into counter spaces and walls, each device allows more to get done in less time. A seven-star energy rating enables comfort free from the excessive costs of heating, cooling, and appliances. The finest materials, such as fine marble, create innumerable places to work or relax. Working together in harmony, each component is intuitively designed to add convenience to any task.

 Help Building Your Luxury Home

Try before you buy; a familiar concept often overlooked by the property industry. The team at Canny, however, is always ready to grant full access to one of their prized custom homes.  The Canny process involves an exclusive walk through of our latest concept homes and discussion your initial intentions of building a new home. Once we understand your requirements and lifestyle, we will conduct a site assessment to understand your block’s specifications.  We’ll then meet with you to discuss how our design will work on your block including any added customisations. After signing off on your design, we will hold an interiors consultation to make the final decisions on your colour selections, then construction can commence. Appointments to view one of these spectacular contemporary homes in Melbourne are available to the public. Take this exclusive opportunity to start planning via walk-through alongside a friendly member of our team. Luxury is within reach at Canny.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation to discuss your new home, or call 03 8532 4444.


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