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The Benefits Of Mineral Waters & Salt Water Pools

A custom swimming pool makes a luxury edition to any home, but did you know that there is more than one way to keep your pool sanitized? Salt-water pools offer an elegant alternative.

Traditional pool sanitization relied on manual chlorine sanitization, in which tablets of chlorine are added to the pool as and when needed. This method has long been reliable, but it does have its problems.


The Problem With Chlorine Sanitization

Chlorine sanitization is particularly irritating if you have sensitive skin, allergies or asthma. Chlorine sanitization has even been known to cause reactions, burning sensations to the skin and eyes and swelling of the throat.

Moreover it is a safety hazard, the tablets can be harmful if handled by hand and must be kept out of reach from children. It is necessary that chlorine tablets are safely stored and used only if chlorine levels in your pool are low.

It is important to point out however, that salt-water pools are not chlorine-free. This is a popular misconception. The salt-water process however allows for considerably smaller chlorine use than the traditional process.


Salt Water Pools

We all know how essential it is to sanitize your pool. This is what keeps inevitable bacteria, viruses and contaminants under control. But can swimming pools be chemical free?

Balanced water means that the chemical demands of your pool have been met. Salt water and mineral waters are an excellent option to enhance water quality using salt cell technology, which is gentler both on your pool tiling and on your skin.

Salt-water pool systems convert Sodium Chloride (salt) into chlorine in a process known as electrolysis.
The salt passes over titanium cell plates, where is transformed into a natural chlorine known as hypochlorus acid. Once used in the pool, the hypochlorus acid changes back into salt and is recycled in the system, offering a softer water feel than regular pools.

Salt-water pools might require a higher initial investment, as the systems are quite sophisticated. However, once built your pool will require less maintenance, less investment spent supplying chemicals, and will be healthier and more enjoyable for you and your family.


Benefits Of Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools have several advantages over traditional chlorine sanitization:

  1. Lower levels of chlorine – Salt-water pool systems add consistent but lower levels of chlorine to your pool. Chlorine levels replenish steadily, rather than the huge influx caused when you drop chlorine tablets in the water.
  2. Healthier – Lower levels of chlorine means less build-up of chloramines. This results in fewer odors, less skin and eye irritation, and reduces the chance of an adverse reaction. Salt-water pools are a great option for those who suffer from asthma or chlorine sensitivity.
  3. More environmentally friendly – With salt-water pools, there is no need to buy chlorine tablets. The Sodium Chloride is recycled back and forth in the system. Salt-water pools do require slightly more electricity, but the reduction in chemical use more than makes up for this. You will also typically need to add fewer chemicals to PH balance your pool.
  4. Comfortable – Salt water is known to be more comfortable for the skin and hair. The water is softer, and skin is treated by left over salt particles to retain more moisture. For an exceptional spa-like swimming experience, consider a mineral salt pool, which uses added minerals like magnesium, potassium and borates to moisturise and relax the muscles.
  5. Less maintenance – Salt-water pools require less cleaning and less maintenance. You do not need to constantly check your chlorine levels and rebalance your pool. The salt water system will do most of the work for you. However, you will still need to occasionally check to make sure water quality and PH are correctly balanced.


Integrated Pools by Canny

Canny Pools are a specialist team of custom pool builders, who have a wealth of experience creating dream swimming pools for clients across Melbourne.

Our pools are designed to your specifications, and perfectly integrated into your existing property, or new build custom home.

We utilise the latest in 3D modelling technology, to give you an accurate visual representation of your swimming pool, before it is built. This allows you to confirm the design and functionality of the pool, so that you know exactly what to expect from our builders.


Whether you want a traditional chlorine sanitised pool, or a contemporary salt-water pool system, contact Canny Pools to arrange a consultation.


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