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What makes these luxury homes 10 of the best in Asia-Pacific?

‘Home’, the very definition alludes to a place where things flourish, something eternal and safe offering the ultimate luxury – comfort and beauty unified.

Think back to the first ever home you lived in. It will evoke thoughts and feelings of belonging, of family, comfort and deeply ingrained memories carried through to adulthood. Fast-forward to a time where you are designing, customising and building your own home. You finally have a chance to develop your own tangible reflection of beauty, family and comfort; but what is it that inspires you?

Whilst beauty could be perceived as wholly individual, the architecture and environments that these 10 Asia-Pacific homes encompass are boldly alluring and beautiful, not to mention a statement of the direction modern architecture is taking.

Perhaps you would like to incorporate some of these styles in your home?

guest-house-rivendell-designrulz-310. Beautiful Guest House – South Korea

While not surrounded by typically breath-taking oceanic views, or soaring cliffs, IDMM Architects carefully considered the layout of The Guesthouse Rivendell, considering the 3300sqm plot it is parked on.

Located in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, particular attention has been given to angles and the span of the house, integrating green sun-traps and a pool, making sure the home does not lose significance.




9. Contemporary Villa – Hong Kong

A lone standing silhouette flanked by stunning views; oceans, islands and mountains enclose this South China Sea home. Situated in Shek-O Hong Kong, China, the single-level home designed by Olson Kundig Architects is simple. Its choice of materials reflect the bare minimum, concrete, steel and limestone lay the base for detailed art, sculpted fittings and stunning views. An ode to its ancient Chinese heritage, this home embodies sophistication.




8. Great Barrier Island Sustainable House – New Zealand

A hidden gem, closer home is the Great Barrier Island Sustainable House in New Zealand. This secluded home is nestled away amongst a canopy of leafy surroundings, with rooms that open completely to the outdoors. A tall timber façade reflect the regal personality of this rustic woodside home. Audaciously simple geometries and interior décor integrate seamlessly into the picturesque surroundings, with all the modern conveniences of solar power and flood protection.



Pranav Parekh Residence, Ahmedabad

7. Courtyard House – India

A design concept that was specifically focused on all living spaces and passages facing open areas and greenery.

Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, designer Hiren Patel Architects incorporated the natural surroundings of this property within its foundations. The central courtyard is a main focal point with the reflection pool and Zen Garden but what captures the eye is the use of two materials, natural marble stone and wood.





6. T-shaped House – South Korea

This small state-of-the-art home in the Jeollabuk-do province of South Korea has been designed specifically for young families wanting a home which is both artistic and fun.

Spacious, modern and just eclectic enough. Clean lines and the splash of colour are what grab your attention at first. The light-weight wood has been used to create a distinct ‘T’ shaped façade and floating upper mass which give the home a simple yet interesting appeal.



5. Three Trees House – India

Stretching out over an area of 17,000 square feet, this private residence is designed to feel like it is nestled in its natural green local surroundings and in close proximity of habitable areas.

The  DADA & Partners Three Trees House is two main, mostly rectangular connected blocks.

The emphasis of this New Delhi delight comes from its enhanced sense of open space in between dozens of lush trees, lawns and swimming areas.




4. House No. 18 – Malaysia

An inner-suburbs customised family home, this industrial design in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, relies heavily on vast concrete walls and exposed, raw materials to capture modernism.

DRTAN LM Architects deserve recognition for this design, which really embraces clean, green-living, thanks to cross ventilation, heat reflective foil, rainwater harvesting tanks, solar hot water panels and wind turbines.





3. Tropical Box House – Malaysia

Built with its tropical environment in mind, this private residence in Kuala Lumpur is a unique concrete, crate-structure that protects itself from heat and humidity without comprising light and flow.

Designed by WHBC Architects, the Tropical Box House takes advantage of the canopy of trees it is perched amongst for a practical but also aesthetic purpose.




2. Hobson Bay House – New Zealand

Water views  of Hobsons Bay played a big part in the design of  this family home, with Julian Guthrie of Godward Guthrie Architecture using inspiration from harbour edge war bunkers in Auckland, dug in to the cliff while open to the sea.

The Remuera house is grand with precast concrete, circular concrete columns and box-like structure complimenting its simple yet modern appearance.




1. Sky Garden House – Singapore

With 852 square metres of living space, this lush green home is exactly that – green, like its beautiful home on the Singaporean island of Santosa. From its landscaped roof to water inspired basement areas, this home has been designed to fully blend into its natural surroundings. The Singaporean family home is the perfect combination of style and space, with gardens, luxury living and entertaining areas spanning three levels. The abundance of plants, flowers, trees and whole gardens marrying all the core architectural elements of the home together.



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