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Every now and again, a new home hits the market that stands out in terms of its design, functionality, and aesthetic value. Custom homes give the opportunity for architects to craft truly original and inspiring properties that drive contemporary trends and styles forward.

What makes a spectacular contemporary home? There is no single defining factor, but the latest and greatest custom homes often focus on energy efficiency, seamless outdoor-indoor integration, revolutionary floor plans and functional layouts, and bespoke interior design. All of these factors combine to form the great marvels of modern architecture.

Here are our pick of some of the finest contemporary custom homes we saw in 2016:

1. William Pitt Home, USA

william-pitt-sothebys To start of our list, our first contemporary home gains its esteem for being impressive, attractive, and full of imagination. The William Pitt estate was designed by legendary architect Rafael Vinoly and displayed on the Sotheby’s International Realty network in Connecticut. At the cost of US $19.5 million, it features three bedrooms, with three full bathrooms and four half bathrooms. The master bedroom sits on the top floor of a private tower, which also has its own viewing platform with panoramic views overlooking the 5 acres of exquisitely kept gardens. Did we mention the indoor pool, which runs through the residence, and an outdoor pool that looks up at the penthouse and rooftop observation deck.

2. Sustainable House, New Zealand


Sustainability is a huge motivating force in contemporary architecture. If we can build our home with the future in mind, we can look after our planet and ourselves. This sustainable house is situated on a little island in the Great Barrier Reef in New Zealand. It makes extensive but subtle use of solar panels to generate energy, has modern flood protection built in and has a simple design that fits well with the surrounding landscape. The wood materials give a sort of ultra-luxurious log cabin feel. Among its features, many of the rooms in this home open up to the great outdoors, offering seamless integration with nature. In this home, you have the comfort of the indoors, with the fresh air and freedom of the outdoors.

Read more about our views on the architectural style of the Sustainable House.

3. Flinders Farm House, Australia

canny_flinders_facade_courtyardA contemporary take on a traditional farmhouse, Canny architects delivers the ultimate in farmland sophistication with their custom renovation of the Flinders Farm Home.
Have you ever asked the question – can we make the move towards ultra modern architecture and interior design, without sacrificing what we knew and loved about traditional living? Canny Architects provide the answer with this stunning contemporary farm house, expertly renovated to blend the old with the new. The slick and stylish interior manages to be distinct and original, whilst staying true to the mood and feel of a traditional farm house.
The open panel glass fronts add light to the rooms, and the courtyards and barns are cleverly utilized. Moody interiors alongside unique textures and colours take this Canny home to the next level.

4. Tresarca Home, USA

assemblagestudio_tresarca_db_18The Tresarca home can be found on near Las Vegas, at the edge of the Nevada desert. Designed to represent the natural textures of the nearby Red Rock Mountains, the home navigates issues of a harsh climate by becoming one with its environment. The house replicates the natural forces of the Nevada, with crevices that are cooled by shade and water elements. The home is cooled and maintained using the same natural systems that are found in the red rocks of the desert. The bedrooms are supported by a wire mesh, which serves to spread the intense heat of the sun. A stark contrast to the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip, the Trescara is an incredible feat of architecture that is striking in its natural purity and form. Space is endless in this Nevada home, extending past perceived barriers into an expanded form of living indoors and out.

5. Canterbury Family Home, Australia

canny_canterbury_swimming-pool-19The final property on our list is a Canterbury family home designed by Canny Architects. It features everything we love about Canny homes. Each bedroom in this stunning property has its own en-suite, and there are a number of entertainment and lifestyle spaces that the whole family can enjoy together. Contemporary architecture isn’t all purely about aesthetic and architectural gimmicks. At Canny, we believe it’s about bringing people together in homes that enhance lifestyles for all that live there. The Cantebury family home features an integrated outdoor swimming pool, with a central floating deck, with modern decking and carefully designed gardens surrounding the property, and living rooms that open into the outdoor space. With a well thought out design and perfect execution, our architects really pulled a show-stopper with this one.


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