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Canny Adds a Fresh Perspective To Melbourne’s Newest Townhouse Developments

Since 2003, Canny’s residential development division: Canny Projects has looked towards the future of property development in Melbourne. With the enormous success of recent developments, Canny Projects have been contracted to complete the project management and construction of a series of luxury townhouses located among Melbourne’s residential suburbs. The developments, set for 2017 and 2018 releases, redefine modern luxury and prove that no design concept is too challenging for the Canny construction team.

Modern Townhouses at Rippleside’s Balmoral Quay

A breath of fresh air to Geelong’s Corio Bay this new 90 luxury townhouse community offers both modern sophistication and breathtaking views of the ocean. Part of the $100 million development agreement will see the construction of two new beaches as the waterfront undergoes a stunning transformation from a former shipyard to a weekend destination. This project is an urban renewal for an area in dire need of a makeover, creating jobs and building a community. Positioned on 2.7ha of land, the development will help create 1360 jobs over a four-year period. Securing a spot on the foreshore in one of the immaculately designed two or three bedroom luxury townhouses or a single level apartment will range from $660,000 to $1.8 million.

Backed by over 22-years’ experience, Canny custom home builders in Melbourne bring this project to life via an exemplary team. An in-house collaboration between over 50 professionals ensures quality at every phase of construction. The latest materials and building techniques come together to flawlessly execute the most luxurious and modern house designs. The development is fundamental to the Victorian Government’s long-awaited transformation of Geelong’s urban layout to an idyllic haven for Melbourne residents.

Melbourne Best Townhouse Developments – Gardin Hawthorn

In 2015 Canny Projects were awarded the construction contract of the stunning luxury townhomes of Gardin Hawthorn. A luxurious development by Union in one of Melbourne’s most affluent neighbourhoods. Comprised of four high-quality townhouses that are expertly integrated into the beautiful natural surroundings of the Yarra River, Gardin’s ultra contemporary homes are a modern hallmark of sustainable living. Each multi-level townhouse features cross ventilation in living areas and is carefully positioned to maximised natural sunlight. Primary entry points are fit with chic timber and metal cladding, and upon entry, you will find each custom home reflects a grand sense of openness that is perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing. Rainwater tanks maintain vibrant surroundings that are expertly interwoven into each luxury townhouse. Solar hot water panels conserve power as rainwater tanks irrigate landscaping surrounding the concept home.

Designed by one of Canny’s partnered Architectural Firms, The Gardin Hawthorne is part of an ever-expanding portfolio demonstrating the pinnacle of construction ability. Each three-bedroom townhouse provides 220 to 261 square meters of living area in addition to 127 square meters of outdoor space allowing the largest of get-togethers. Townhouses begin at $2.3 million and are scheduled for completion by 2017.

Inside Out Home Designs at Williamsons Estate

May 2017 saw the first signs of settlement of residents lucky enough to have secured a townhouse or apartment at Williamsons Estate, a 104 two and three storey development in the heart of Doncaster. Taking inspiration from the building sites former role as an orchard and nursery, the homes have been designed to provide the best of modern living among stunning natural surroundings. Willow’s architecture complements the aesthetic of the estate’s contemporary townhouse residences. The building has an organic relationship with its site, its long low profile nestling into the rise. The choice of materials enhances its organic nature, with contrasting elements of wood, stone and metal.

All remaining homes now have concrete and steel structural works completed as a minimum. The next stage of settlement is expected for residents in early July as the next lot of with the completion of external building facades, roofing, wall plastering and joinery installation.

Port Melbourne Townhouses

2018 will see the completion of Woodruff Townhouses, Overall there are 9 stages and 38 sub-stages in the development of the 287 Canny Architecturally designed townhouses. The development, partnership with The Stamoulis Property Group in Port Melbourne, is positioned in a flourishing neighbourhood witnessing growth from all directions. Opposite the Port Melbourne Cricket Ground, all but a small number of multi-level three and four bedroom luxury townhouses are available in what was an exceptional response to the project upon its release in 2014.

Development of these development projects are on schedule and we look forward to sharing our progress on these projects as the year progresses.

At Canny, we build ultra-modern homes, whether it is residential or commercial, tying together all the best elements of life, indoors and out.

Contact us to discuss your development or construction project, or call us on 03 8532 4444.


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