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Canny’s 21st Birthday Celebrations

On Friday, we celebrated Canny’s 21st year in business at our stunning Lubelso concept home in Hawthorn. The team and their partners enjoyed an evening full of great food and great company amongst the beautiful surrounds of the Robinson.

Over 21 years we’ve grown into a successful and diversified group of companies that foresees considerable growth in its future. Canny Builders was founded by Damian Canny and Lachy Watson in the 1990’s with the purpose of renovating houses and selling them on a speculative basis. From there the business developed a credible reputation as an innovative builder across both residential and commercial projects which led to a number of opportunities with large retail chains like Gazman, Wittner and Sanity.

In the early 2000’s we brought the design function in house which was the start of Canny Architecture, a team of twelve architects, interior designers and drafts people. This lead to our first completely custom built and designed home in 2003, the beginning of our Canny Custom arm (which is what we are best known for).

Today, we have over 50 people working as part of the Canny team which is only set to increase as Canny Projects and Lubelso continue to grow. However, we still remain true to where we came from never wavering from our promise to deliver the highest quality design and construction.


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