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Challenges of Heritage Home Renovations

Many homes in Melbourne have historical significance which is why we can sometimes be limited with our designs for extensions (particularly those with external impacts). We work closely with councils to ensure the new part of the home is in keeping with the heritage appeal and the other homes in the street.

Renovation and Extension in Kew
Due to the home’s historical significance, we needed to retain and preserve its heritage in-line with the planning requirements of the City of Boroondara. Specifically, they requested that the extension was not double storey (to not disturb the roofline) and all of the new materials used needed to be approved.

We wanted to keep the integrity of the front of the home which was simple enough until we came to the staircase. We decided to replace the staircase to increase the head height when walking up into the secondary bedrooms while still keeping the old world character of the original house. The upstairs was also renovated to increase the space of the two bedrooms, bathroom and activity room which required extensive engineering to support the overhead existing heritage chimneys.

In heritage home renovations we want to keep the look and feel of the old home, while increasing its sustainability and functionality. In this home we added LED down lights to suit modern energy requirements, hydronic heating, double glazed the windows, solar hot water system and a 10,000L grey water tank for irrigating the garden.

The end result is a beautiful elegant home that perfectly combines the old with the new. To view the photos of our heritage home renovation click here.


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