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Control your pool from your Mobile Device

Gone are the days of kneeling poolside to test the PH levels – nowadays, swimming pools are equipped with artificially intelligent monitoring systems, capable of adapting to changing conditions in PH and chlorine levels. Technological developments have now taken a step further, with the latest swimming pools and spa systems coming standard with iPhone, iPad and Android connectivity, allowing the user to remotely control and monitor their swimming pool from anywhere in the world!


Smart Device connectivity and app development have taken centre stage in the luxury swimming pool market, revolutionizing the way in which we use our pool for ease and comfort. Applications currently available for download are capable of remotely controlling a swimming pool and spa’s power and lighting, as well as provide live data on temperature to the degree.


The convenience and functionality of this technology is remarkable. Imagine you’re about to head home from a long day at work, rather than having had to waste energy heating your pool over the course of the day – this application allows you to turn your pool on and set the desired temperature before you leave work on a Friday night and have it ready to slip straight into when you arrive home. Don’t have a pool yet? Click here to view the 3D modelling technology we have available to help you visualise your new pool.


Not only is this energy efficient, reducing yearly running costs for pumps from $800.00 to $120.00, but it allows for spontaneity. Invite friends and family back to your and have the pool clean, warm and ready to enjoy the moment you step foot in the door, allowing you to maximise the amount of value you gain from your investment.


Industry experts say that this is only the beginning for remote connectivity apps for swimming pools, with plans for future versions of applications capable of real time water condition and self-cleaning data feedback, with the ability to notify owners of changes in pool conditions, water quality and levels.

With this technology continually being developed, we’re excited to see what’s next in the luxury swimming pool sphere. Contact us if  you would like to discuss your own pool design and construction options.


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