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Customising one of Canny’s architecturally designed homes

No two families are the same. Therefore, we believe no two Canny homes can be the same.

A family home needs to be flexible to the changes and needs of its inhabitants. Which is why we allow customisation at every stage of the build and design process to ensure the product is to the exact specifications of the customer. If you are going to build your dream home with Canny, we want you to only have to do it once in your family’s lifetime.

Through our simple, streamlined process (below), we can customise your home based on block size, budget, lifestyle and the life stage of your family. Are your kids in need of more privacy as they move into their teen years? Our designs include an additional living space perfect for a teen hang out zone.  Are you looking to make your home friendlier to your elderly parents, or yourself as you age? We can add handrails or an elevator. In short, by using existing architectural designs and an experienced in-house team, building the perfect home with us is easier and more affordable than you may think.

Our process:

Stage 1: Introduction to Canny Homes – We will walk you through an existing Canny home to help you vision your own new build, discussing what you want to achieve with us.

Stage 2: Design Brief – This is when we get to learn more about you, your family, and what you need your new home to look and feel like.

Stage 3: Initial Presentation – We will discuss how our design works with your block, and this is when you can add custom touches, be it a different floor plan, a butler’s pantry, an additional room… the options are endless!

Stage 4: Finalisation of Design – Now it’s time to finalise colour selections, finishes, flooring.

Stage 5: Costing and Preliminary Agreement – We will confirm your customisation and design choices, and get your initial sign off on final costings.

Stage 6: Contract Drawn Up – This is when we make it official, so let’s get this build started!

Stage 7: Construction – Time to sit back and watch as your new dream home is built by our skilled construction team.

Stage 8: Completion – We will now handover the keys to your newly built home!

Stage 9: Quality Assurance and Follow Up – Let’s keep in touch. After you move in, we want to ensure you settle in nicely and help you to maintain the quality of your new Canny home.

So, if you are looking to create the home of your family’s dreams, get in touch with Melbourne’s luxury custom home builders today.



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