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Designing an Enviable Walk-in Wardrobe

When building luxury homes we often include walk-in wardrobes to the master suite which add to the hotel like feel, perfectly complimenting the bedroom and ensuite spaces. The purpose of a walk-in wardrobe is to give you ample space to keep your clothes and shoes neat and tidy, however it’s the creativity that comes in choosing the details that makes it not just a functional space but beautiful in design.

Every woman’s dream is to have a walk-in wardrobe where all her clothes and shoes are beautifully presented but there are 6 things to consider when designing your walk-in wardrobe.

1. Space

Ensure you have enough space for the robe itself without impacting on the proportions of the bedroom. This may mean you need to make sacrifices in regards to the amount of cupboard space or whether you have a dressing table in the middle.

2. Organisation

How the entire wardrobe is organized will make a difference as to how useful it is and whether all your things have their place. Not only do you need to consider how your clothing and shoes are stored, but where you will put those odd shaped items like bags, belts, scarves and accessories.

3. Materials

The materials you choose for your cupboards and draws need to be something that is easy to clean and ideally doesn’t show finger prints. Door handles are a great way of minimizing fingerprints (particularly on the outside doors) however aren’t always practical.

4. Doors

The types of doors you choose can impact on the way you use the space. Sliding doors work well if there are doors opening out onto one another however can be easily left open, leaving the space looking messy.

5. Lighting

Lighting is very important, especially if you’re using the space as a dressing room. Consider adding some brighter lights at more regular intervals in this space, especially if there is no natural light available.

6. Details

Depending on the size of your wardrobe, you may like to include a dressing table with mirror and include a chair for added elegance. You can also include jewelry display cabinets in the middle of the room that show off your precious pieces.

Coming Soon – We can’t wait to show you the walk in walk-in wardrobe in our new Lubelso concept home which will feature dark veneer and leather handles. It’s going to be absolutely stunning! View our interior design selections for a sneak peek on the new concept home.


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