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Our Take on the Dulux Colour Forecast 2016

We associate ourselves with suppliers that share our vision of design and beautiful aesthetics. One of our favourite suppliers who continue to push the style envelope is Dulux who have recently released their Colour Forecast 2016.

To celebrate the dawn of the Design Age, Dulux have identified four key colour trends that we’ll share with you below.

Bio Fragility

Inspired by natural tones and materials, this trend is a palette of subtle hues which are derived from chalky elements rather than soft textures. Such colours include mossy greens, lilac suedes and greyish blues.

Infinite Worlds

A juxtaposition of brilliant reds, pinks and corals with space age metallic and deep dark blues creates this bold and dominant scheme. Reminiscent of space scapes this trend plays to the idea that there are uncharted worlds beyond our imaginations.

Retro Remix

The name of this trend speaks for itself as it stems from colour inspirations of the 60s and 70s. These were eras where there were few rules in the use of colour, creating combinations and kaleidoscopes that are so iconic to the time. Such unexpected combinations include brights teamed with faded muddied browns and olive greens.

Future Past

Influenced by steampunk and merging modern design, this trend works to create a new version of the old. Deep and decadent traditional colours are modernised by the introduction of mustard, pink and purple. These colours work well when paired with intricate details like heirlooms and collections of antiques.

For more detail on the Dulux Colour Forecast 2016 click here.


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