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Exquisite Marbles and Stones by G-Lux

We choose our suppliers carefully and only align ourselves with brands that reflect our quality and values to ensure that we provide our clients with the best home. One of the suppliers we work closely with on our Lubelso range is G-Lux who supplies beautiful marble and stones from all over the world. Their premium product gives our bathrooms and kitchens a unique design edge that is first class and recognisably Canny.

Their marbles come from various parts of Europe including Greece, Turkey and Italy, however they also source from various other parts of the world such as Brazil and now even Australia. G-Lux prides itself on only importing A-grade quality stones which means sometimes it’s difficult to acquire a specific stone even if it is in such high demand, as they don’t make any compromises.

Being a natural stone (a product dug out of the earth), the unique colours and veins will vary but it’s these natural characteristics are what makes it unique and beautiful. Every selection of stone will have variations throughout, whether it’s veining, colours, speckles and the overall formation of the stone.

Their most popular marbles tend to be white with soft grey veins like our Elba or Branco Vena (to feature in our concept home in Canterbury), however their Grey Aether (to feature in our concept home in Brighton) and Silver Stone Marbles are becoming more and more popular, often paired together with their white stones. These marbles are timeless and minimal that have a softness in their natural characteristics which appeals to their Melbourne clients.


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