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Our Lubeso homes are the current trend for aesthetic family living

What good is an exquisite house design if it isn’t a sanctuary for each member of the family, regardless of what other residents are doing in the next room? What good is modern living if it keeps the children entertained but abandons the needs of the parents?

Sophisticated modern living has waltzed into a new era. Comfort is sought, designed and delivered at every tier of household existence. This provided the inspiration for the cutting edge architecturally designed Lubelso range of homes by Canny.

Without impressive goals, there are no impressive outcomes. Design outcomes can only exceed expectations if you’re ambitious about what your architecture can do for you. At Canny, this is what we want from our clients – impressive goals that we can eclipse with our custom home designs.

Looking ahead: Future-proofing your custom-built home


Should architectural style provide an instant ‘wow’ factor? Definitely. Is that enough? No. A home is to be lived in, not merely looked at, and future-proofing is integral. But, what does this mean to our designs?

Luxury and efficiency are synonymous in modern design homes, and any builder knows this. But how often does future-proofing enable both spectacular design and functionality to stand the test of time?

The home you build today must serve you for decades, so flexibility is key. Every room of our Lubelso homes is designed to fulfil multiple objectives and will also continue to do so as the years march on. This is achieved through double duty interiors, multipurpose rooms, and spaces that can be easily redesigned.

The art of building a Lubelso by Canny home is as luxurious as the lifestyle they produce. Pre-designs are carefully honed to your requirements, personality and lifestyle choices. Living spaces are intricately customised based on adaptable floor plans that work with you and your modern house design backdrop.
Here are some highlights of the future-proof features Lubelso by Canny offers;

  • Perfectly fitted mood-driven lighting integrates seamlessly with natural light sources.
  • Architecture is fully assimilated into a pre-worked landscape, to form a united custom planned aesthetic.
  • Lubelso’s contemporary house designs use organic finishes that are less likely to age. Solid woods and granite, which never go out of style.
  • Privacy is as easily accessible as entertainment.
  • Windows and doors let you keep an eye on your toddler while simultaneously giving them privacy in their teenage years.
  • Senior residents can exist safely in a multi-generational home when they require special living conditions.
  • Modular designs are flexible with adaptable block sizes, room numbers, and garages that can be rearranged according to your needs.

Intelligent homes are the new modern home

st-brighton_lubelso_display_home_interiorThe Lubelso display homes are modern architectural designs with intense practicality. The homes use a six star energy efficiency rating to influence indoor comfort and savings on energy consumption. Which gives you the time to focus on more important things, like enjoying your home with your family.

Technology has the power to change your life and evolve with your needs. All Lubelso by Canny homes are energy efficient, allowing you to give back to the environment without having to think about it. A six star energy rating, double-glazed windows across the home, external wall insulation, solar heating, a fully zoned cooling system and three phase power systems keeps your home protected from energy wastage.

These modern houses also take storage seriously. If living areas are cluttered with clumsy closet space, your entire modern house design fails, so humdrum storage is cast aside in exchange for units that are a streamlined part of the interior’s aesthetic.

Sophisticated House Designs – Invite nature indoors

The Lubelso designs aim to bring purity of form, functional design and aesthetic to Autralian family living in 2016. Ultra modern homes use space rationally and the designs are built to ensure that they don’t harm the eco-system, traits which have been interpreted within the Lubelso range of Canny homes.

Designed around bio-architectural principles, the lines of the house echo those in its surroundings, inviting nature indoors through landscaping and full-height windows. The ecology of the outdoors can be leveraged through customization to create a serene atmosphere indoors. Swimming pools, water features, patios, and exquisite landscaping do more than simply beautify your surroundings. They alter your lifestyle.

Modern home designs can capitalize on the benefits of pool ownership, and automation can be as much a part of their functionality as it is in your indoor spaces.

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