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Our Favourite Luxury Kitchen and Dining Trends So Far in 2017

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and with good reason. As one of the most occupied rooms in the house, it’s no wonder we’re seeing an evolution of the kitchen to the fully integrated living space it has become in recent years.

As a result of the kitchen becoming the social hub of the home, modern home designers are looking for ways to add personality. The minimalist look of the past is being succeeded with modern kitchens filled with character.

For aspiring new homeowners or those feeling that they would like some change, here are our favourite design trends taking place in the kitchen and dining rooms over the past 12 months.

Kitchen and dining design trends


The first trend we are seeing on the rise is the integration of appliances and workstations into the design of the kitchen. Contemporary home designers are looking to bring detail and character to each room, without adding clutter, and this is most apparent in the kitchen.

Electronic appliances such as fridges, dishwashers and stovetops are increasingly hidden elements in kitchens. Cooktops are truly integrated with the gas element and knobs placed on the stone top without the stainless steel or glass plate at all. When it comes to small appliances, many people are opting to integrate these into the cabinetry or conceal them away in a butler style pantry.

The kitchen is now treated as the social hub of the house, accommodating not only cooking but entertaining, planning and even doing homework. It makes sense that this space be as inviting and as functional as possible. Many new kitchens encompass a dining table flowing on from the island, providing more bench space and seating options and encouraging a social vibe.

Open shelving

Another opportunity for those designing or renovating their luxury home to showcase their personality, is provided with the 2017 trend of open shelving. Whilst ample cabinetry storage has moved from added extra to standard, we are seeing statement open shelves designed into modern kitchens for the purpose of displaying items of interest.

These shelves work best in a contrasting finish to the cabinetry, as a way to break up the space and as above, mix it up for a harmony of textures and colours. Consider using open shelves in just one corner or around the sink.

Tip: Displaying your old glass jars and favourite cookbooks on open shelving also helps mitigate a small pantry.

Window banquette

For the modern pre-designed home, creating practical and comfortable living spaces is a top priority. Window seats are an exciting way to make use of space in your new home design.

The window seat trend has made a return to the kitchen in 2017. Pull up a table to a custom-built seat made with cabinetry to match the kitchen to create a comfortable eat-in kitchen banquette.


Now that kitchens are fully incorporated with the living space, they need to be multi-purpose, and this begins with flooring.

While concrete remains popular, we are seeing more timber flooring being used throughout the house into the kitchen, such as American oak-lined finishes.

Natural cork has also made a comeback this year.

Tip: Updating the flooring of an existing home to a finish that runs seamlessly through the kitchen and living area is a winning solution for renovators.

Kitchen interior design

Contemporary Farmhouse

White will always be in kitchen fashion, but over the past 12 months we have seen a tendency to mix natural wood, paint and metals in the kitchen in a trend known as “Contemporary Farmhouse”.

This style is characterised by a kitchen that is detailed in some areas, and pared back in others.

Picture a chrome range hood nestled between white lacquered upper cabinetry and light wood veneered lower cabinetry with a v-groove or shaker profile.

This unison of texture and colour allows the kitchen to be in less of a stark contrast to the adjacent dining and living areas.

View the kitchen in our Armadale home design to see this mix come to life. If you’re looking to add colour to your kitchen, consider moss or sage green, or neutral tones.

A trend we are eagerly following is the addition of colour to the kitchen island, or on the lower cabinetry. Leaving the upper cabinetry white allows the impact of colour without it being too dominant.


Marble remains ever popular, however in modern home designs, practicality is becoming more favoured in kitchen trends.

The newest player in the benchtop game is Dekton, a product manufactured under extremely high pressure, and easily able to withstand hot pots placed directly onto it.

Concrete is also appearing more frequently and is here to stay.

But take note: when it comes to benchtops, thin is in, and installation costs should come down as this trend takes off.


Tile splashbacks made a big comeback this year and are one of our favourite kitchen design trends of 2017.

While classic Subway tiles are popular, geometric designs, tactile and three-dimensional tiles are making their mark, as are round mosaics.

Tiled kitchen islands are also gaining momentum.

Where the kitchen island was once somewhat neglected by designers, they are now being viewed as an opportunity to provide depth and interest to the kitchen.


2017 has been the year of the matte finish for hardware.

Matte black, pewter and antique brass have been trending, again for function as much as form: less gloss means less fingerprints to clean. Our Brighton luxury designer home features black matte hardware throughout the home.

This year has shown us that kitchen designers are taking the hardware as seriously as they do the appliances.

Contact Canny today to discuss the many different kitchen design trends that can be incorporated into your customised home.


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