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5 Features to Create “Indoor-Outdoor” Spaces in Your Home

Creating spaces that can be considered both indoor and outdoor adds an entirely new element to your home, with a stylish entertaining space, as well as a whole new room to chill out in and enjoy weeknight family dinners and warm summer afternoons.

We’ve listed our top six design elements to transform your spaces, creating a beautiful indoor-outdoor feel to your home.

1. Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, sliding doors

The best way to bring the outside in to your home is to use wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling glass doors. An entire wall of glass allows light to flood into your living and dining spaces, while keeping the cold out in the winter months.

2. The right furniture

The right outdoor furniture will bring your space to life and turn it into an easy-going yet stylish living space perfect for lounging in the afternoon sun with a glass of wine and a good book, yet still suitable for family lunches and dinner parties.

3. Outdoor tech

While you may want to unwind away from technology in your outdoor oasis, an outdoor TV and sound system will make your space the perfect everyday lounge room. Similarly, a TV and sound system means you’ll be set to host the ultimate Grand Final or Cup Day BBQ, without having to migrate everyone inside for the big event.

4. Outdoor Kitchens, the ultimate luxury

Outdoor kitchens are the perfect modern-day luxury, and designing a small kitchen into your outdoor spaces will mean you’re rarely away from your guests when entertaining, and your drinks will always be cool on a hot summer afternoon.

5. Consider outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds are a beautiful way to make your outdoor living space perfect for any time of year, to protect you from harsh sunlight and mozzies in the summer, and to keep away the rain and wind in the winter.

Outdoor blinds will enhance your entertaining experience, keeping the sun out of your guests’ eyes and the bugs out of their food while still giving them a crystal clear view of your beautiful backyard. Have blinds installed around the rim of your verandah, and they can be rolled up when you don’t need them!

For some incredible inspiration to creating an indoor-outdoor space in your home, check out some of Canny’s custom build homes, with some beautiful spaces to inspire your next project.

This article was provided by Australian Outdoor Living, Australia’s number one outdoor living company, providing effortless and luxurious outdoor design products such as verandahs, outdoor blinds and decking.


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