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Five Features of a Luxury Bathroom

We all know what a luxurious bathroom feels like but there is a lot of thought and research that goes into their design. From our experience here are five key features that need to be considered when designing a resort envied bathroom.

Generally bathrooms aren’t usually the most spacious room in the house, so the illusion of grandeur alludes to a feeling of luxury. By simply removing clutter immediately adds the sense of space as does keeping the colour scheme light and neutral.

Like space, light is a commodity that can be in short supply in a bathroom. Skylights are an amazing way to increase the level of natural light in your bathroom a technique we use in the master ensuite in our Lubelso range of homes. However if there’s no possibility of a skylight or large windows, artificial light can still be used to create drama and wow factor. Carefully positioned and selected light fittings or unique pendants are both visually stunning and practical.

It’s obvious that using premium materials will add glamour to your bathroom however sometimes the more understated they are, the more luxurious they look. We love using natural materials like stone, granite and marbles as they’re ooze opulence while still remaining timeless.

Fixtures & Fittings
When delivering a resort like bathroom to our clients our favourite things to include are generous his and her vanity zones, dual shower heads, tucked away or separate toilet, heated tiles and towel rails, a freestanding bath and the latest tap ware. In a custom project we completed in Kew, we even incorporated basin mixers that light up the flowing water with red or blue to indicate its temperature.

Think about how you can personalise the space with your own additions like delicious smelling candles and soaps, luscious towels in a mix of textures and patterns as well as  flowers and plants to add an organic element.



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