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Free Standing Baths Add Luxury

We are big fans of freestanding baths, as you will see in the bathrooms of many of our homes! They create a sense of tranquillity and relaxation and add a sense of opulence, giving your bathroom the likeness of a spa retreat. Even if you’re hard pressed for time to spend a leisurely afternoon in the tub, by even just investing gorgeous bath for your bathroom you will evoke the feeling of relaxation and calmness.

A free standing bath adds a striking focal point that draws attention in the space which gives you the opportunity to experiment with design and materials. They ooze sophistication and are the ultimate expression of style due to their dominance in the space and sculptural form.

This trend is becoming more popular for new bathroom builds or renovations as there is now such a large selection of shapes, styles, materials and textures available. There’s also a variety of indulgent materials like marble, ceramic and wood available as well as textures and patterns to add that added wow factor.

One key piece of advice is that you should always make sure you allow adequate space for the bath to own the space because if they looked squashed they lose their strength and appeal.


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