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Heating In Ground Swimming Pools

To get the most out of your in ground swimming pool, it’s well worth investing in a heating option (especially in Melbourne!) Review the benefits and negatives of five different ways you can keep the chill off your pool below.

Pool Blankets
A solar pool blanket is the cheapest form of heating. It works by collecting the heat from the sun and transferring it to the water in the pool.  Unfortunately they are quite ugly (which is not great if your pool is a feature of your home) and can be inconvenient as they have to continuously be moved and off the pool.

Liquid Pool Blanket
Unlike conventional pool blankets, liquid pool blankets keep your pool ready to use 24 hours a day preventing heat loss and evaporation. It’s a device that automatically doses a small quantity of liquid into the pool on a daily basis. How it works is pretty scientific, but to keep our explanation in simple terms, the liquid floats to the surface creating a micro film that prevents evaporation and heat loss.

Solar Pool Heating
Made up of heat collectors on your roof, solar heating generates energy to heat your pool from the sun.  Once the system is hot enough it transfers the energy to heat the water in the pool. This is a very cost effective way to heat however if you’re looking to use your pool on those cloudier, cooler days it may not be the most effective due to a lack of energy coming from the sun. There are a number of different types of solar systems for different available for different roofs, space and needs.

Gas Pool Heating
A guaranteed heat, this is the most effective form of heating as it will start heating the pool as soon as you turn it on (no matter the air temperature).  Much like a hot water service for your home, the pool water passes through the heater where it is heated by a natural gas flame.

Heat Pump
A heat Pump works like a reverse cycle air conditioner in a home by taking the heat from the air and compressing it under gas and then running the pool water in contact with that heat.  This is a very cost effective way of heating a pool for a prolonged period of time and is perfect for someone that wants to use the pool on a daily basis.  It is however a very slow form of heating and can take days to heat the pool up from cold. It also works best if you are prepared to cover the pool with a blanket to help hold the heat produced until it reaches the optimum temperature.

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