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Is it time to knock down and rebuild?

When looking to upgrade their home, many homeowners can be intimidated by the prospect of building a completely new house rather than undergoing renovations. Here at Canny, we are well aware of the variety of factors that come into play when choosing to renovate or rebuild. With over 25 years of experience as custom home builders, we have helped many homeowners make that decision. With Carmel and her husband, the choice was clear: rebuilding their wooden bungalow into a luxury home, while still keeping the block of land they loved.

We are mindful that managing the logistics of rebuilding your home can be reason enough not to choose this option. That’s why Canny can help homeowners find utility providers, storage solutions, and demolition experts to streamline the rebuilding process. Below are some more reasons to consider when considering to knockdown and rebuild:

Knock down and rebuild with Canny, Melbourne's luxury home builder

Avoid surprises and extra costs

When choosing between renovating or rebuilding it’s important to remember that renovations can be open-ended affairs. More work may reveal itself as you tear up floors, ceilings and walls. Finding old wiring or aged plumbing can add delays and increase costs.

At Canny, we recommend opting for a new home build if a renovation is projected to become a long term drain on revenue and time. Knockdown and rebuild costs can often be cheaper in the long term. Canny’s luxury home designs can be adapted to the needs and desires of the homeowner and the price and completion time fixed upfront to eliminate the looming worry of new costs surprising you during a renovation. We aim to give you clarity and confidence in the process of building a new home.

Future proof your home

Another reason that homeowners may choose to rebuild is that their current homes are environmentally and economically unsustainable. Old designs that are energy inefficient, resulting in high heating and cooling costs, may need extensive renovations to make meaningful cuts to your bills. Retrofitting may prove futile if such renovations don’t include enough of the house to noticeably change the thermal quality of the home. Thankfully, our contemporary home designs are built to be sustainable and energy efficient, with a six star energy efficiency rating as standard. This means fewer energy bills to maintain the comfort of your home, as it ought to be.

Knock down and rebuild with Canny, Melbourne's luxury home builders

Build a house that suits you and your lifestyle

As an award-winning luxury home builder in Melbourne, we listen to you and give you the necessary information to decide on how to improve your home. We believe that your home should align with how you use it and the experiences that you have within it. Whether that means a walk-in robe or a space to pursue your hobbies, Canny has a luxury home design to suit you.

If you are considering the benefits of rebuilding your home, come and explore the possibilities with Canny.



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