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Keeping it Neutral in Home Designs

We love a crisp, minimalist and modern look in our home designs.

By incorporating greys and whites throughout the home in a variety of textures and materials we are achieving an on trend look that will remain timeless.

Sometimes white on white can have a clinical feel so here are our tips to doing this trend the right way.


Consider teaming a white marble bench top with white 2-pac cabinetry. These elements will contrast in texture while complementing each other perfectly in colour to deliver a stunning look.


Use linen bedding as a base, and don’t be afraid to incorporate different shades of white and grey to keep the room interesting. A great tip is to add a rug or some cushions in contrasting textures and materials (fur, wool, sequins, linen and velvet) to complete the look.

Living Room

A mixture of warm whites, like milk and latte tones, and cool whites, like chalk and ice tones, work together in harmony. Choose textured furnishings and decorative objects in several tonal variations to make your interior feel warm and tranquil rather than stark and uninviting.


To add extra opulence to your bathroom choose a stunning marble bench top with a unique grain as the focal point for the space. Large format white or light grey tiles on the floor and walls and some black details will complete the look.


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