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Kitchen Design Considerations for Modern Luxury Homes

Modern luxury homes are synonymous with great design and well considered spaces. The kitchen is often considered a unique feature in our architectural designed homes as it’s critical to the everyday lifestyle of our clients with both its style and functionality being equally important. Our interior design team have put together their four top considerations for designing the perfect kitchen.


Kitchens are high performance areas that are located at the heart of the home so practicality and functionality are critical elements. We strive to design open plan sophisticated stylish kitchens that have uncluttered order and well thought out layouts with consideration on how our clients and their families will use and enjoy the space. We like to incorporate hidden storage and bold eye catching elements to help open up the space in addition to adding integrated appliances and luxury finishes. The location and number of appliances like multi ovens and built-in coffee machines generally dictate the layout so these need to be planned for first.

Island Bench

The island bench is often the hero of a kitchen as it creates a dramatic focal point and offers an additional surface which allows flexibility. To be most useful, an island benchtop must be at least 4 feet long and 2 1/2 feet wide with an essential clearance of at least 3 feet. Incorporating natural stone like marble or granite as the bench top adds extra luxury to the space and teams perfectly with timber or 2pac cabinetry finishes. Island benchtops aren’t just a great asset for food preparation, they often become a social hub to share a meal or for the kids to complete homework.

Materials Choice

There are so many exciting choices in kitchen cabinetry and benchtop materials, which means there is something to suit everyone’s budget and style. Our design team often choose the classic combination of natural stones and timbers however we’re now starting to experiment with metallic materials like brass and copper. Try to keep one material as your feature and then match  your other materials to this to ensure a complimentary selection of materials and nothing too overpowering.


We always try to make the most of natural light in our homes via window splash backs and large floor to ceiling windows in the surrounding living spaces. Natural light makes the space look larger and brings the outside in which is really appealing on sunny days. However if the kitchen is lacking natural light or we’re looking to add some extra flair, feature pendants create wow factor and can really enhance the mood of the kitchen when positioned above an island benchtop.

These considerations were featured on Home Stratosphere‘s blog.


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