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Kitchen Design Ideas To Suit Your Space

Kitchens are high performance areas at the heart of the home. Whether you’re one for bold monochrome minimalism or decorative patterns and textured surfaces, practicality and functionality are essential in this area. Our team of designers from Canny Architecture explain their key considerations and ideas for ‘the perfect kitchen’.

Room Orientation
Consider the view you will have when preparing meals or washing up in the sink. Rather than face a bland wall, try to incorporate elements such as an interesting splashback, a window or even a thoughtfully considered sink within an island bench.

Kitchens are becoming an increasingly interactive space, so you will want your kitchen to be inviting to view and work within. Allow for plenty of natural light with generous windows and an orientation that can overlook the meals and family area, such as this kitchen our Custom Homes Glen Iris Gallery.

Door and Window Placement
Windows are increasingly becoming features in a kitchen, with a growing trend to incorporate them as splashbacks. This is perfect for creating an elegant, flowing connection to the outdoor or extended alfresco area whilst taking advantage of the beauty of natural light. Canny’s new Lubelso Concept Home in Hawthorn is the perfect example of the beauty behind glass window splashbacks.

Adding a Butler’s Pantry
Changes in home entertainment technologies, extended family living and the move toward kitchens becoming an extension of a home’s aesthetic appeal, rather than simply a functional room, have seen increased popularity of Butler’s pantries. However, this is a trend that will never date as they allow you to cleverly hide away food preparation, small appliances and clutter to  maintain a beautiful, seamless look in the open kitchen space. Butler’s pantries work well when you’re tight on space too, as you will generally only require a space large enough to comfortably step into.

Ample Storage
Storage designs are now more efficient than ever. Improved shelving mechanics with elements such as self-closing drawers, extendable hinges, sliding wire baskets and push open doors make it simple to accommodate the storage needs of any sized kitchen.

Power Points
There’s nothing worse than having too few power points in busy kitchen. They should be included at all preparation stations including the island bench top, and incorporated discretely on side walls and even upgraded to glass cover plates to suit the splashbacks to maintain a clean crisp design.

Today’s modern kitchens need to accommodate a large range of appliances, the location and number of which can often dictate the layout. To overcome this, you may consider ‘built in’ options for appliances such as your coffee machine and microwave. If this is not an option, the more spread out the appliances are, the better they adhere to a clean, sophisticated kitchen aesthetic.


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