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23 Kitchen Design Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

The kitchen is the heart of any home and when you’re designing your own home, it’s crucial to make your kitchen your home’s centrepiece. With careful interior design that combines function with style, you can bring the right amount of luxury to both your modern home and your cooking experience.

So, if you’re considering upgrading your kitchen or starting from scratch, pay keen attention to our 23 common kitchen design mistakes you should avoid.

1. Having an unrealistic budget – one of the most common reasons why new kitchen designs fail is that the homeowner overspends or runs out of money halfway through the project. You can avoid this by planning properly and allowing some flexibility in your budget.

2. Breaking the kitchen ‘work triangle’ – the invisible line between the centre of your sink, oven/cooktop and fridge is a key home design feature. The Kitchen and Bath Association says that the total length of this line shouldn’t be over 8 metres.

3. Having your dishwasher too far from the sink and cupboards – you don’t want to find water on the floor from transferring dripping dishes, or have to walk further than you need to.

4. Taking the wrong measurements – save yourself time and money by getting the right fit. Work on the principle of measuring twice and buying just once.

5. Installing doors that clash – make sure you leave enough space between all of your cupboard doors so that they don’t smash into each other when they’re opened at the same time.

6. Installing the wrong sized fridge – you don’t want to use up space with a giant fridge, but most importantly, if it’s too small you’ll waste time rearranging and stuffing it.

7. Not installing enough power points – plugging and unplugging things can waste time and effort. You can be sure that you’ll always be adding appliances to a kitchen that is well loved, so plan for extra electricity options.

8. Not enough bench space – when you’re cooking in a busy house, room to prepare is key.

Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid Modern Home

9. Installing the wrong sinks – think carefully about the number, size, type and where to put them.

10. Forgetting the backsplash – keep your walls looking new and clean with protection against spray and splatters.

11. Skipping the “‘dirty dish’ spot – build in somewhere to stack dishes before they’re washed.

12. Not enough space around the cooktop – you’ll be forever taking pans on and off, chopping different ingredients and adding things to your food, so give yourself the room to do so.

13. Inadequate storage space – a well-used kitchen will need to be kept well stocked with ingredients and cooking equipment. Plan for it!

14. Skimping on cabinet hardware – cabinets will allow you to free up space on the benches, so invest in convenience early on.

15. Neglecting rubbish and recycling – you always need a place to discreetly and cleanly store your waste, so build in an easy-to-access place for it.

16. Poor quality lighting – being able to see how food looks is vital when cooking, so ensure you have enough light focused in the right places.

Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid Modern Home Dark Wood

17. Inadequate ventilation – smells can linger far longer than you want, so ensure that you can get rid of them with good air flow.

18. DIY electrical and plumbing work – wiring and pipes can go very badly with the smallest mistakes; get it done by a professional and take the stress out of renovating your kitchen.

19. Sacrificing function for form – a kitchen needs to be used to be useful, so make it user-friendly.

20. Choosing outrageous colours – bold shades can seem exciting on the paper of home design plans, but they can become tiresome over time. Modern homes can benefit from a timeless style that will be easy on the eye and simple to sell later on.

21. Mismatching the kitchen style to the rest of the house – designed homes should have a kitchen that complements the style of the rest of the rooms. Ensure that the furnishings are in keeping with your home.

22. Putting the kitchen in the wrong spot in the house – make sure your kitchen is conveniently located, and not too close to bedrooms to avoid smells. Use somewhere that is well ventilated.

23. Not utilising the expertise of a kitchen designer – choosing the right custom home builder will bring a professional finish to your kitchen and give you peace of mind.

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