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Knock Down Rebuild – The freedom to build the home of your dreams

It is a universal dream, to live in a home that is perfectly adapted to one’s own lifestyle. A home that emits the charm of your own personality whilst functioning to perfection and offering an unmatched contemporary beauty.

With Canny a ‘knock down rebuild’ makes this dream a possibility.

We will analyse your existing home or a property that stands on a plot of land that you plan to buy. If a knock down and rebuild is an option, you can demolish the existing building and start over again to create a masterpiece of contemporary living.

The Canny Group are luxury home builders and architects that specialise in knock-down and rebuild projects. Our homes are designed with luxury living in mind and offer unparalleled potential for you realise your new home.

When To Knock Down and Rebuild?

There are at least two situations in which a ‘knock down rebuild’ of your property may be the best course of action.

  • The first is when you already live in your ideal location, but you want to completely renew your home to accommodate changes to your lifestyle, additions to your family, or as an alternative to extensive renovations.
  • The second is if you want to relocate, but prefer the idea of having your home built to your own tastes, and to fit your own lifestyle. You might find an ideal plot of land, but the property that sits on it is, let’s just say, leaves a lot to be desired.

‘Knock down rebuild’ gives you a gift that is quite rare; total freedom to start again. You are given the opportunity to craft your home exactly how you want it.

Renovation or Knock Down Rebuild?

Brighton Lubelso Home InteriorsWhether you are staying in your current location or you plan to relocate to land that has an existing property, you are usually faced with the same choice. Do you renovate, or do you rebuild?

When you desire only very small extensions or adaptations, renovation may be the better option. When a large percentage of your property needs renovating in order to bring it up to spec, the costs of renovation can actually far outweigh the costs of a knockdown rebuild project.

Extensive renovation can also compromise the structure of a property. It does not offer the added luxury of architectural design. For long-term integrity and to bring your home up to speed with modern living, rebuilds are a very fine choice.

If you are facing the decision between renovation or knock down rebuild, consider how much of your home needs work.

Also, consider your motives. Are you looking to preserve your home or are you looking for lifestyle enhancement in a new creation? Are you happy with modifications to your existing home or are you looking something life changing?

Lubelso by Canny Homes

At Canny, we specialise in building luxury homes, designed to fit your property and budget.

Lubelso homes are an example of stylish contemporary living, customizability, and astonishing value for money, and can often be the ideal choice for ‘knock down rebuild’ projects.

Canny’s in-house architects have applied the key elements of high-end design to the Lubelso range – maximum solar gain, seamless outdoor-indoor integration, high ceilings and functional floor plan. Our homes give you the wow factor and design integrity of an architect-designed home with every conceivable luxury, at a fixed price with no hidden extras. The building can start almost immediately and construction time is usually between 10 and 12 months.

There are very few drawbacks to a ‘knock down rebuild’ if it is your preferred option. The total costs will depend on many factors, but to give you a guideline our Lubelso homes start at $950,000.

The Advantages of Knock-Down, Rebuild

Glen Iris Lubelso Home Swimming Pool

The advantages of ‘knock down rebuild’ are plentiful:

  • It allows you to stay in the same location, whilst enjoying a completely new home
  • It is a valuable alternative to renovation in many cases
  • Contemporary homes offer more functionality and built-in technology options, as well as being far more energy efficient
  • You are given the ultimate freedom to customise – your home, your life
  • Your new home will hold a high market value, and in some circumstances knock down rebuild can be a profitable investment


You will need to make sure you have all of the building permissions to knock down and rebuild your home, but this is something that Canny can take care of.

The Knock-Down, Rebuild Process

If you decide that a ‘knock down rebuild’ is the path for you, there will be a certain process that will follow. This will be the same for if you are knocking down your existing home, or knock-down rebuilding on a newly acquired piece of land, in a new location.

Here is what you can expect from Canny: From start to finish, our process is straightforward, flexible when you need it to be and above all, transparent. Our simple step by step process ensures you will be involved at every stage of the development of your home without any interruption to your busy life.

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Understanding your requirements
  3. Preliminary Agreement
  4. Quotation
  5. Contract Signing
  6. Construction
  7. Completion
  8. Quality Assurance and Client Follow-Up

If a knock down rebuild is possible within the regulations surrounding your home, you can move forward and choose your home design and features, including the number of bedrooms, layout, and interior design options. Then we will then go ahead and demolish the existing property.

You can say a tearful goodbye, but before your despair too much, wait for the phoenix that arises from the ashes…
Canny Homes Outdoor Facade & Street ViewCanny will build your new Lubelso home, exactly how you wanted it. Then you move into your new luxury home and enjoy a permanent feeling of vacation.

Just remember, if you plan to ‘knock down rebuild’ the home that you currently live in, you will require alternative accommodation during the demolition and building work.

Knock-down rebuild provides an excellent opportunity for you and your family to live in a brand new home that is functional, energy efficient, and fully customised to your lifestyle. At the same time, it gives you the freedom to live in any location; old or new.

Contact us today to find out more about the freedoms and possibilities of ‘knock down rebuild’ with Canny, and design your home and your lifestyle in harmony or find out about our Lubelso by Canny Homes.

Visit our display homes in Canterbury and Brighton, book now.



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