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Laundry Design Tips

Don’t let the laundry be your homes dirty little secret.  Laundries are now seen as a stylish extension of the overall interior design of the home, extremely practical. Our Interior Design specialist, Janine Carter from CA Architecture shares her golden rules to laundry design.


The very first consideration when designing a laundry is the type of appliances the space needs to accommodate, whether it be  top loader or front loader, dryer or drying rack and troughs, which will determine the amount of space and ventilation required.


If space is an issue, many people opt for a European style laundry, neatly tucked away and hidden behind full height doors which can be located within a bathroom or hall closet. When designing a laundry for a small space proper ventilation is critical – specifically with the use of a shower and a dryer in the same space.


The key is ensuring easy access to the laundry by all members of the household. I prefer to have the laundry located near the kitchen, the activities hub of the house and if possible, within close proximity to an external exit to allow access to a clothes line.

Bench Space

There is no optimum length for bench space, however try to leave space no narrower than 600mm to at least allow for a basket alongside the trough. If you do have extra space available, I recommend opting for additional uninterrupted bench space as this always proves useful for folding and sorting clothes.

Troughs and Tapware

When selecting tapware, I always recommend a pull out mixer as the functionality and increased range of motion is crucial if you’re working in a confined area. As far as selecting troughs go, it should be no smaller than 470x500mm and if feasible, bigger is always better.


Laundries must have ample storage which will allow you to hide away any unsightly mess. Maximising the height of the joinery all the way to the ceiling, drying cupboards, built in ironing boards, hamper drawers and hooks and rails to hang clothes once ironed will ensure your space stays clutter free.


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