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A Look at the Latest Trends in Fireplace Design

With winter upon us, our thoughts turn from swimming pools to fireplaces as we look forward to keeping warm and cosy. Fireplaces are not only practical for the winter months, they can create a designer statement in any new home, serving as wall and room dividers that provide a central focal point for living spaces. And while fireplaces are great indoors, more and more we are seeing the proliferation of outdoor custom fireplaces, allowing homeowners to enjoy their backyard in every season. Here are some of the most popular fireplace design trends so far this year.

Full-Size Marble Fireplaces

If a touch of luxury is what you’re looking for in a fireplace design to suit your custom home, you cannot get much better than a full-size marble fireplace. Striking, luxurious, and sleek, a full-size marble fireplace takes the marble dramatically upward from the hearth all the way to the ceiling as you can see in our Faversham display home. The character of marble means that each home with a full-size marble fireplace has its own touch of individuality and can look great in many different styles of home, complementing a modern or a classic look.

Room Divider Fireplaces

As open concept living becomes the popular choice in contemporary home designs, we look for new and interesting ways to naturally divide large rooms into smaller areas, and room divider fireplaces are an excellent way of achieving this. Rather than building a large wall to encompass a fireplace, room divider fireplaces serve the same purpose as a wall but are far less intrusive, giving a natural divide between, for example a dining room and a living room. Our apartment renovation in South Yarra is the perfect example of a room divider fireplace and we love the cut-out feature of this particular design.

Outdoor Custom Fireplaces

Nowadays anyone can add a fire pit to their backyard it seems, but a full custom outdoor fireplace when designed as part of the overall home construction is a sure way to impress your guests! Outdoor fireplaces are certainly becoming more popular, allowing home owners to extend the use of their outside spaces well into the autumn and even into the winter. We love the design and setting of the alfresco area, complete with a stone clad wood burning fireplace at our Malvern East three bedroom custom home.

Glass Fireplaces

Glass fireplaces are a popular choice for prestigious modern homes with a goal to achieve a sleek and uncluttered look and feel. The advantage of glass fireplaces is that they are available in a large variety of sizes and are easily adaptable to most living quarters. They are especially good for long walls, or for fitting into entertainment units with a slimline appearance, inset beneath a TV. Another advantage with glass fireplaces is that they are easy to clean and can usually be mounted at different heights giving them an extra safety feature as they can be mounted out of reach of little ones. In contrast, the sleek indoor glass fireplace in our Malvern East home was set low down allowing for ample space to hang artwork above.

Freestanding Fireplaces

With so many different fireplace designs available today there are an overwhelming number of designs to take inspiration from when building a new home. In high demand freestanding fireplaces can be mounted on the floor or from the ceiling making a real design statement. Take the freestanding fireplace in our Armadale double storey custom home. It complements the owners’ antiques and art, and is arguably a piece of art in itself. It appears to be hanging from the ceiling and is set out in the room rather than being placed to one side, allowing for a better heat distribution.

Stone Clad Fireplaces

Another great look for modern home design is a stone clad fireplace. The beauty of stone is that there are many different types and colours available, allowing you to choose one that fits in with your overall house design. The fireplace at our double storey Glen Iris home uses large stack stones that provides a more traditional look to match the overall Hamptons style of this home, but for a more modern look you could use smaller stack stones.

Talk to us today about the many different fireplace options that can be incorporated into your customised home.


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