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Lubelso opens its doors in Hawthorn

Exciting news – the brand new Lubelso concept home is now open for inspection! Managing Director, Damian Canny, reports “we’re pleased with the quality of the build and the interior is looking incredible. The opening has been a great success to-date with many interested parties coming through for a look.”

The first Lubelso Concept Home in Malvern drew much attention after winning several industry awards. Now Lubelso has the chance to shine again in a new location but with the same level of design integrity and premium finishes.

Anyone interested in building a new, architecturally-designed home that offers fixed pricing and a guaranteed delivery time frame are encouraged to visit. Substantially more affordable and delivered in less time than a conventional custom architectural home, Lubelso gives a family the luxurious lifestyle they’re looking for without a lengthy and costly experience.

Bookings to inspect the Hawthorn Lubelso home are now open. Contact Damian on 0429 496 244 or email


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