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Luxury Home Renovations with Canny LINK: Q & A with Canny’s Head Architect

Knocking down and rebuilding a home can sometimes be the best (or only) option, as discussed in our last blog post. However, often a home holds too much emotional and financial value to demolish and has the potential to be reinvigorated and reimagined through renovation. With Canny Homes’ latest offering, Canny LINK, you can achieve a luxury home renovation or extension while maintaining the things you love about your current home. In this blog, we speak with Roger Borland, Director of Canny Architecture, about the benefits of Canny LINK.

Q: What is Canny LINK? And what is the reason for introducing Canny LINK?

The Canny LINK was designed as a tool to help our clients unlock the potential in their existing home even when portions of the existing structure needed to be retained.

We introduced it as many of our clients have homes of considerable personal and local value which they understandably want to maintain. However, the layouts are often not well aligned to the needs of contemporary life and the old building fabric is leaky and costly to run. We wanted to assist them to ensure their homes could serve their families for many years to come by redefining the interior layouts and inserting contemporary structures to give them new life.

Q: What client pain point does Canny LINK aim to address?

Often our clients highlight the value of the existing structure. Often this is an emotional attachment which has grown over years of happy memories and something which is too valuable to demolish. On other sites, it may be a heritage overlay which restricts the development.

The LINK allows for the preservation and renovation of the valuable portions of the existing structure and creates a new extension which can be completely customised to complement and grow the home to suit the family’s needs.

Q: In what suburbs is Canny LINK available?

The Canny LINK can be constructed in all Melbourne suburbs in which Canny typically operate. These include the inner eastern suburbs as well as the Mornington Peninsula.

Q: Melbourne has some beautiful heritage homes. Can Canny LINK be used to design and build an extension for a heritage home?

Yes, but subject to the level of heritage protection of the home. If the overlay allows for partial demolition and interior modifications the LINK can certainly be used.

If in doubt about what you are allowed to do, we are happy to assist you to understand what is achievable within the heritage controls.

Q: Can a homeowner also build a two-storey extension with Canny LINK?

The LINK can be tailored into a number of different arrangements including two storey extensions. All LINK structures are customised to suit the unique existing structure as well as the topography and context of your site.

Q: Can homeowners make changes/ customise their Canny LINK design for their home extension?

Yes, we customise each LINK to ensure we capture every unique aspect of each clients brief.

Q: How can someone who is interested in Canny LINK start the process of building their home extension with Canny?

You can get in contact with Canny either via our website or via our various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram). Or why not do it the old fashioned way and just give us a call!

Q: Can you outline the process of building a home extension with Canny LINK?

The process is very similar to our custom design Canny architectural process.

  1. You firstly engage Canny Architecture to design your unique LINK project including all interior design. The interior design can be based on our much loved Canny Homes detailing and materials palette or completely customised subject to your tastes and expectations.
  2. We provide cost estimates throughout the design process to ensure the budget is controlled and design amendments are clearly costed and understood.
  3. We work directly with the best consultants including heritage and planning experts to ensure the design is respectful of heritage controls as well as neighbours and councils expectations.
  4. We continually liaise with our in-house construction experts to ensure the design is resolved technically and structure and services are as efficient as possible. This results in a cost effective design and dramatically less design issues on site which ensure a more seamless and timely construction process.
  5. We can assist with your home styling if required, using our experience to help you furnish your home to align with the architectural design aesthetic.
  6. We take you right through the process from the first meeting to post occupancy checkups covering every aspect of your project so you have a single point of contact for all design and construction stages.

Interested in seeing what a Canny LINK renovation can do for your home? Get in contact with us to explore your options with Melbourne’s favourite luxury home builder. 


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