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How to Make the Most of Natural Light

Increased exposure to natural light has been scientifically proven to improve mood, yet it remains an aspect of the home rarely thought of until we’ve either got too little, or too much. Carefully considered lighting design is the strategic combination of both daylight and electric lighting.

New homes are now specifically designed with a strong focus on sustainability and making the most of natural light to increase efficiency by minimising the use of electric lighting.

Impact of Orientation

In order to work out how best to capture and utilise the natural light in your home, you need to know how the orientation of your home affects the strength of the light and the amount of time a room is exposed to it.

North facing windows are particular favourable, especially for the winter months when the sun is lower in the sky, producing much needed warmth. South facing windows are favourable in warmer months, as they introduce daylight without gaining heat from direct sunlight.

Using Reflection

By using mirrors and reflective objects to reflect the light you will see the natural light is drawn deeper into the space and make it feel a great deal larger. View our custom home in Kew for an example of how reflective surfaces and mirrors can brighten a room.

Paint and Finishes

Like mirrors, your choice of paint colour and finish can also have a great deal of impact on the way in which natural light is carried and dispersed throughout a room. Steer clear or heavy, dark shades of paint that absorb light and instead opt for light colours and glossy finishes.


Include doors with glass panelling into your home as easy way to allow extra light to flow through from room to room. Dependent on the style of your home and personal taste, there are a number of alternatives to heavy wooden doors.

Furniture Positioning

Avoid placing bulky or dark furniture and objects in front or around the room’s sources of natural light. It’s amazing how much of a difference the reconfiguration of furniture can make to the look and feel of a room.


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