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Make a Statement with Gold Tapware

We love creating a statement in our clients’ homes by introducing something extra special in a non-traditional way.  In the bathroom and kitchen space, many designers will revert to the traditional approaches using tiling, wallpaper or cabinetry to make a feature, however we’ve recently been inspired by gold tapware to add opulence to the space.

Gold tapware is super chic and elegant with the sleek modern forms and can be found in a variety of hues including gold, brass, copper and bronze. Either polished or brushed finishes can be used to evoke different moods and to create a unique focal point to the space.

“Gold tapware works best in monochromatic schemes like black, white and greys. Be adventurous and introduce this look into other details in your home like lighting, door handles and accessories,” said Janine Carter, Interior Designer – CA Architecture.

We can’t wait to share some shots of our new Lubelso concept home (due to open at the end of the year) as it’s going to feature gold tapware in the powder room! Watch this space.


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