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7 Pendant Lights That Add Drama

Our architect designed homes often showcase pendant lights to transform rooms and living areas into eye catching focal points. Pendants can be used in most entry ways, living and dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

With an abundance of designs available, we’ve simplified the styles into our top seven.

  1. Metallic

A contemporary style that is very popular at the moment, particularly in brassy finishes that are shiny, brushed and reflective. These pendants work well amongst a neutral or monotone colour palette, especially when teamed with natural materials like marble, wood or linen.

  1. Organic

Lighting that resembles nature in its structure or material is a great way to bring an organic and earthy feel into your home. Organic, free flowing forms like trees are transformed into modern art pieces and are a great way to create a statement that offsets well against modern interiors.

  1. Wooden Weave

This style can look quite coastal which works well in a holiday home or abode near the sea, however be careful not to introduce them into a room that is already heavily dominated by wood as it can easily clash.

  1. Geometric

There’s something so striking about a geometric pendant light (big or small) which fits perfectly into a modern home design. Available in wood, ceramic, metal and glass this style works really well in bedrooms and bathrooms.

  1. Glass

We love how beautiful a globe within a glass dome looks! There’s something so pristine and subtle about this type of light fitting that it oozes sophistication and elegance.

  1. Oversized

A great way to introduce a statement to your space could be a large, oversized pendant which works the same way as a huge artwork or unique piece of furniture. You’re sure to get comments on this one!

  1. Clusters

This style is particularly creative as it involves a lot of mixing and matching. Whether you go with one colour across multiple shapes or one shape across multiple colours this style beautifully articulates how impressive smaller pendants are.


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