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The Perfect Swimming Pool Designs For Your Backyard

With summer just around the corner it’s a great time to start thinking about the difference in swimming pool designs and which would be the best fit for your backyard and lifestyle. Our team at Integrated Pools are experts in designing inground swimming pools and with a delivery time of 12 weeks construction it means you’ll be in your pool by Christmas!

When researching designs for a pool in your own backyard, there are four key elements to consider.

  1. Your block

It is important to consider the lay of the land when designing your pool as it can restrict you to the size or shape if there are obstacles like trees or the block is oddly shaped. However in some cases, the land or view around the pool can be a great asset to the outdoor space and can complement the pool if designed with the natural aspect in mind.

  1. Your home

Ideally, your new pool will integrate with your kitchen and dining area to create a sense of indoor/outdoor living. Large picture frame windows and sliding doors work well to bring the outside in which means you can enjoy your pool all year round not only as a place to swim but as an impressive water feature.

  1. Light and Shade

By designing a pool you need to consider how the sun’s position changes throughout the day to ensure you can make the most of your outdoor space. When our Integrated Pools team design pools they use 3D technology to show you where the sun will be at any time of day on your new pool and in proximity to your home.

  1. Outdoor Entertaining

When we design a pool for your yard, we consider how you will use the entire outdoor space around the pool including whether you’d like to add a pool house, landscaping or built in bbq facilities. Through our experience in home design and construction, we are able to assist in creating a space that not only looks beautiful but is a practical space you can use all throughout the year.


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