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Designing your own home using 3-essential steps from our experts

Building a first custom home can be a daunting challenge for anyone unaccustomed to the development process. Houses are complex projects encompassing thousands of variables demanding your full attention. From shingles on the roof right down to the kitchen sink, making all the tough decisions is no easy feat. Be careful not to rush any decisions, as you will have to live with the consequences for many years to come. To help you bring all the elements together seamlessly in the planning process our team is here to ease the burdens of building your first luxury custom home.

A expert team of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and home builders in Melbourne will certainly help you achieve your luxury dream home but the best outcome is always achieved from clients who provide the team with clear direction. At Canny we require an understanding of your life to take full advantage of our group’s range of talents. Whether a new family or young professional, you are in for a treat working alongside true professionals.

Tips for first-time homeowners building their own luxury custom home

Innovation, integrity, and a strong attention to detail are your best weapons against projects going over time and budget. An early clear vision is critical to the outcome of your first built home. When planning your build keep these fundamental factors top of mind when briefing your custom home builder in Melbourne.

Do your homework on unique homes

Coming up with a vision for your custom built home requires homework. Cutting corners and making rash decisions will come back to haunt anyone undertaking their first custom home. The process begins by making a budget that is affordable and manageable. With correct financing, you can begin seeking the perfect location. Keep in mind that plot measurements are a huge factor in deciding which design layout is truly right for you. Be sure to investigate the local zoning laws around your area as this will quickly determine how high you can build. Be realistic about what is achievable within the specifications of the land and remember that often less is more when it comes to household design. Take the time to research a variety of neighbourhoods; weighing each option in relationship to cost. Explore the area to see what is being built and how you fit into the picture. Size, schools, surrounding businesses, transportation, and available green space are all critical factors to consider. These are all key questions that must be considered before the development of a new home begins.

Choose the right home design

A huge diversity of architectural styles can make the choice of a luxury home theme difficult. Whether French colonial, Victorian, or modern, the architectural style brings an entire residence to life. A review of the extensive portfolio and display homes in Melbourne offered by Canny Homes is a good place to start planning your custom home design. A diverse range of contemporary to classic architectural styles provides endless inspiration for designing your own home. Sustainability is an important attribute of a new home that deserves focus. Consider energy saving additions such as solar water heaters, window placement, and premium insulation to minimize future costs. Knowing what you want, and how you want it, is the goal when studying all the options.

Find a price and time-frame for your custom house

Pre-designed homes from Canny eliminate mistakes while reducing construction time. Each highly customizable unit is full of potential for eager residents requiring personal and professional growth. It is advisable to start simple as you add the specific options fit for your lifestyle. You get for what you pay for when it comes to luxury, don’t hesitate to add as much comfort as possible. Canny home designs represent a new type of build, one that requires less time to complete while focusing on never-ending options for first-time homeowners. 21-years of experience enable our custom home builders in Melbourne to guide you through an effective development process.

The perfect modern home design is out there and waiting to be found, don’t wait to reach out to our team! Contact us today to arrange a consultation to discuss your new home, or call 03 8532 4444.


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