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A city once considered the richest in Oceania (at the height of the 1890s Gold Rush), Melbourne remains a city of prosperity with a wealth of culture and entertainment. The city is also highly regarded for its architecture, from the State Library and World Heritage-listed Exhibition Centre to the post-war boom in residential building that saw the now familiar townhouse etch their way into the city. More recently, builders in Melbourne are creating custom looks that fit within the unique feel of the suburb they’re situated.

Part of the appeal for Melburnians to buy their slice of heaven in the city, or inner city suburbs, is the ability to live relatively close to the heart of it all. Considered Australia’s cultural capital, we serve to protect the integrity of any area in which we build.

Choosing a Melbourne builder who has had experience working in your area is also a great asset to the process. We’re already familiar with potential hurdles and requirements you’ll need to build your new luxury home.

Selecting your block

Building in Melbourne, with its rich history, isn’t always so straightforward. Rarely are inner-city homesite dimensions as uniform as the Hoddle Grid, or the CBD. This may mean that you need an expert, such as Canny, in dealing with challenging construction requirements.

North or north-east facing blocks are a prime choice thanks to the relative ease in building a solar-passive design. Depending on your block size and orientation (and your desired lifestyle) it may be worth altering the positions of your family rooms and bedrooms.

It’s also worth asking for the advice of experienced builders in Melbourne, and to check with the council if any covenants could restrict your building plans, for example on height or number of dwellings.

Building in Malvern and Toorak

It’s the prestige side to inner city living; Toorak and surrounds are home to a many grand mansions taking in views of the Yarra. Of course, that view from the middle of the hill also means it’s likely you’ll be building on a sloping block, requiring specialist builders in Melbourne. Another consideration is the materials chosen for the home, as you may have to contend with the vehicle noise from Toorak Road or the M1 snaking its way along the river banks.

Building in Brighton

Probably best known for its colourful bathing boxes on the foreshore, Canny has its own iconic concept home in Brighton. This affluent, coastal suburb offers superb public amenities including parks, beaches and retail, with a council that is active in further improving the area.

Blocks in the City of Bayside tend to have looser soil with the proximity to the beach. Building in this area requires careful consideration from a Melbourne builder who knows which foundation type will best suit the block and build. It’s also worth requesting a property information certificate to determine if your street is liable to flooding, bushfire or termites before you build.

The builder in St Kilda & Elwood

The delightful coastal area south of the city has a vibrant and colourful history. While many tourists visit to experience the novelties of Luna Park or the promise of a quiet sunbathe, locals have their own favourite secret spots among the bevvy of eateries and boutiques. St Kilda and Elwood are home to an abundance of Victorian and Edwardian houses, modernist design, as well as late-era apartments. The diverse area offers a lot of freedom, though care should be taken in selecting your materials to stand up to the salty air and occasional storm off the Bass Strait.

Wherever you choose to build, as the specialist luxury renovators and builders in Melbourne, Canny is well versed in addressing council requirements and neighbours’ concerns, resolving any issues that may arise. From planning to design and through to completion, we’re the Melbourne builders who are with you every step of the way.


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