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Tiles For Luxury Swimming Pools

We believe that building luxury swimming pools is as much about the material choices we make as the designs we create. It is important for us to associate ourselves with suppliers that reflect our vision for the best quality product and are leaders within their industry.

In over half of our pools, we use Bisazza tiles which for more than half a century, have been involved with some of the most prestigious and luxurious swimming pools in the world. Famous actors, musicians and corporate magnates have all been customers of the famous Italian brand. Established in 1956 in Alte Vicenza, Northern Italy, the company has become a trailblazer, marked by a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, a mastery of modern technologies with an ability to read and anticipate the needs of the global market.

Obsessive attention to detail makes Bisazza mosaic the ultimate choice for a beautiful pool. The concept team very often collaborates with internationally renowned figures in architecture, design, art and fashion. These co-operations bring a depth and freshness of thinking that lifts the final designs far above the ordinary.

For proof of this you need only look at Bisazza mosaic up close. Immediately you see so much depth and detail, with complex, but perfectly balanced and blended hues, tones and textures.

To bring Bisazza’s designs to life, every mosaic is carefully fabricated using the most exquisite raw materials including oxides to bring depth to the colour and the finest silica sand to create the glass. And if you choose a design with gold or white gold pieces, these actually begin their life in Florence, using a 200 year old method of beating the gold ingot with leather straps to separate the finest gold leaf.

Bisazza Australia has taken a bold step and selected 35 designs to make up a pool range which is unique to Australia and New Zealand. The design team has recognised that the southern hemisphere light differs from that in any other part of the world. The Pools Collection consists of mosaic colours and textures that interact with our very special sunlight in the most astonishing way.

The choice of colour for your pool is very personal and will be influenced by the style of architecture of your house, your surrounding garden, your own personality and even travels you may have taken.

As you can see, Bisazza isn’t so much a company as a philosophy, endlessly pursuing perfection in design and technical mastery, by combining traditional values and techniques with creativity and state of the art materials.

If you’d like to speak to us about designing your pool, please feel free to email us on or call (03) 8532 4444.

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