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7 Tips for Spring Flower Arrangements

With Spring well on its way, it’s the perfect time to add some beautiful fresh flowers to your home but creating the perfect arrangement can seem tricky. We’ve put together our top 7 tips for creating a beautiful arrangement in your home.

  1. Layering different heights and textures

The best way to create a lush bunch of blooms is to include foliage which not only adds height it also adds weight to the arrangement. Foliage is usually very cheap or you can use bits and pieces from your own garden to make the arrangement even more cost efficient. Just remember to remove any leaves that will sit below the water line as this can create bacteria that will shorten the lifespan of your flowers.

  1. Cut the stems to different lengths

In addition to the layered foliage, your blooms will look more interesting and refined if you cut their stems to different lengths. Cutting the stems also adds to the longevity of the flowers as a fresh cut allows them to absorb water better.

  1. Arrange flowers so they look natural

Add larger more dominant flowers first, turning the vase as you place them into the foliage. This will ensure the flowers are well dispersed and not all bunched up at the front of the vase. Add some smaller flowers to fill in the spaces make the arrangement more natural and less structured.

  1. Play with colours

There is no hard rule when choosing colours of flowers. We love arrangements where one colour is used across three or four different flowers as well as ones which show off one dominant flower by coupling it with more muted tones. And of course, large white flowers look stunning with lush green foliage!

  1. One flower versus many

Choosing to fill your vase with a bunch of the same flowers can look equally as stunning as a single flower in a small bottle. Depending on where you are positioning your arrangement and how much of a feature you want it to be will determine how many flowers you require. Consider using your off cuts from a larger arrangement in small vases in your powder room or guest bedroom.

  1. Group multiple vases together

If you have a large space you want to fill, a group of smaller arrangements with combinations of foliage and seasonal blooms can look fantastic. This is also a great way to use up lots of different vases which creates interesting height variances.

  1. Keep your arrangement looking beautiful

Once you’ve created your masterpiece, try and keep it away from direct sunlight and heating vents to ensure the flowers aren’t experiencing fluctuating temperatures. Also, cutting the stems of the blooms regularly will help prolong the life of the arrangement.


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