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Our Top 5 Unique Benchtop Materials

If you are looking for that special focal point for your kitchen or bathroom, consider choosing a unique material for your benchtop. We’ve pulled together a list of 5 of our favourite materials to give you some design inspiration.

1. Natural Stones

We love using natural stone in our client’s homes because it looks luxurious and its individual properties make it look even more special. Granite is a great option as its durable and one of the toughest materials available perfect for those who need something hardwearing for their kitchen or bathroom. On the other hand, marble is a stunning addition to any space and with so many unique grains and markings it makes a real statement and focal point for the home. The downside to marble is that it is very porous and can stain easily and all natural stones need to be regularly maintained and sealed to ensure it keeps it beauty.

2. Concrete

If you’re looking to make a bold statement and love an industrial edge, concrete is a great way to express your individual style which each piece inherently unique. You can choose specific pigments which means there are many choices in colour, plus it can be molded especially for your space and the thickness can be customised to create added wow factor. Concrete is also porous and requires sealing to ensure its longevity

3. Timber

Giving your kitchen a warm and homely feel, timber is a natural material which works really well on its own or paired with other materials like stone to create a modern and sophisticated look. It can however absorb moisture and be prone to stains and can be sanded back and resealed to prevent any damage.

4. Reconstituted Stone

There many cost effective and durable engineered stone options available on the market which are made from a variety of materials including quartz and marble combined with resins or polyesters. This material still looks look high end with a similar markings , colours and  textures to marble, granite and even concrete  and is more durable , stain and heat resistant (which is great for a family kitchen!)

Caesarstone – Made from 93% natural quartz aggregates, organic pigments and enhanced polymer resins which is a popular choice for many clients in their secondary bathrooms and laundries where they still want a benchtop that looks beautiful yet offers more resilience to other stones.

Neolith – Offers great natural properties as it’s entirely made up of organic materials like clays, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides with its colouring derived from the pigments of these materials making it less likely to fade over time. Coming in large slabs and tiles, Neolith is available in block colours as well as looks that resemble stone, metal, wood and textures.

Corian – This beautiful surface is a blend of acrylic and natural materials, is non-porous and stain resistant and is available in many colour options. One of the key benefits of Corian is that it can be welded together to form a seamless surface which is great for benchtops that are longer than standard.

5. Stainless Steel

Once only in the domain of the commercial kitchen, stainless steel has become a great option for bench tops especially in modern kitchens. As well as being easy to keep clean, stainless steel is great if your kitchen lacks light and can create a lovely textural contrast against dark cupboards or stone flooring.


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