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Pool Heating so You Can Swim All Year Around

Pools are certainly considered a luxury item, so why limit their use to just the summer months?

We explore three of the top techniques for heating your pool in the cooler months that will suit everyone’s budget and requirements.

1. Solar Heating

The most popular and cost efficient form of swimming pool heating is solar heating, but this can be affected by weather conditions (especially on cloudy days in Melbourne!).

Solar heating works well when the water is circulated from the pool to the solar collector on the roof by way of an independent booster pump, combined with an auto controller, which keeps the pool at your desired temperature in the most cost effective manner available.

Our pool team at Integrated Pools recommend Sunbather solar heating products for energy efficiency and zero greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Gas Heating

On some sites, where solar can’t be installed for a number of reasons, gas is the preferred alternative, especially, if you want to use the pool all year round.

Gas is also a great option if you have a spa connected as it can warm it up on demand at the touch of a button, or from your iPhone or iPad via the Zodiac iAqualink. We recommend Astral or Zodiac gas heating products.

3. Heat Pumps

There is another method of heating that has been extremely popular throughout Europe and is now finding its way to Australia, the heat pump. They are very energy efficient, however they can take a few days to heat the pool. The upside is that they maintain the heat for longer periods more efficiently.

For further discussion on the best pool heating options for you and your family, get in touch with our team at Integrated Pools.


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