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Window Seats: Our Ten Favourite Cosy Corners

Window seats are just one of many new and exciting ways to make use of often overlooked areas in your home. Window seats can be incorporated into almost any room, whether you are designing your own home from the beginning, customising a luxury display house, or simply renovating your existing home.

Reasons for installing a window seat range from basic functionality to adding a stylish advantage, and these benefits are not mutually exclusive. The practical uses for window seats are far from limited: whether you would like more seating options when entertaining, or you’re seeking sanctuary to read or watch Netflix in peace, putting a fun spin on the classic window seat could result in your new favourite living area.

Perhaps surprisingly, window seats come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of our favourite window seat designs to incorporate into your home.

Designing the perfect window

For the modern pre-designed home, creating practical and comfortable living spaces is a top priority. Window seats are an exciting way to make use of space in your new home. Reclaim the kitchen as the heart of the home, by creating an eat-in nook with a window banquette. We like that you can pull a table up to a custom-built seat made with cabinetry to match the kitchen to create a comfortable breakfast bar for a small family. Tip: upholster window seat cushions in high traffic areas with indoor-outdoor fabric that’s less likely to fade, and able to withstand spills.

Turn your window seat into a storage seat, in the kitchen, entrance or mud room – a useful inclusion for removing shoes – or even an alcove in the guest bedroom, to complement your custom home’s storage options. We like that this additional benefit isn’t always evident at first glance; with thoughtful styling it becomes a hidden feature.

Bay windows are a firm favourite among lovers of traditional homes. They can improve a facade, and with the addition of a window seat, can increase the number of areas in your home where you can escape from the daily grind. Though bay windows evoke times gone by, they needn’t be old fashioned. Styled to reflect the owner’s modern taste, bay window seats create intimate gathering areas inside large rooms.

Luxury display home features

If your preference is to customise a pre-designed house, the incorporation of window seats will give fresh purpose and added usability throughout your luxury home. Flexible seating options in the living room can make conversations easier. Add a bench-style bookcase, topped with a leather cushion and throw pillows, for additional seating (and a talking point!) when entertaining. The addition of roman blinds means that sunlight can be filtered depending on the time of day, for maximum usability.

Creating a sanctuary in the master suite is easy with the addition of a window seat along one side of the room, as designed in Canny’s Hawthorn East home. Providing respite from the rest of the house, this flexible seating option with plush cushion in neutral tones, can be used as a day bed or quiet reading space, and brings the bedroom and ensuite together in cool comfort.

The options for window seats are almost unlimited, and certainly don’t need to be rectangular. We love the impact of a corner window seat, taking up minimal space for maximum comfort with a deep cushion. Pause to check an email, or rest and enjoy a coffee, in your casual corner seat. We think these cosy corner additions would work especially well in Canny’s Faversham French provincial inspired home design .

Further window seat inspiration

Natural light is a source of energy, so it makes sense to enhance the presence of windows throughout your customised home with window seats. Perfect for the children’s playroom, a lower height built-in window seat in U formation, topped with a bright cushion and playful pillows, provides double service: a reading nook during quiet time, and an arts and crafts corner to learn and explore in, with the addition of a table. Toys and books can be stowed underneath with the addition of a drawer. Tip: choosing drawers instead of a hinged top allows access to items without having to remove cushions (which will likely look neater for longer when it comes to children!).

Contact Canny today to discuss the many different window seat options that can be incorporated into your customised home.


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